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POSIX in Windows real: Gentoo-prefix/interix

Introduction: Whether it is mingw or Cygwin, including the recent rise of MSYS2, there are all kinds of strange, a word, is inseparable from windows, but also to POSIX heart itch difficult to scratch. Gentoo prefix allows you to practice POSIX

GENTOO Installation Notes (Turn)

IBM T42 GENTOO Installation Notes A Preface Linux has been playing for many years, but has always been in the use of common services, and there is no more in-depth understanding of Linux. Recently played two weeks of Gentoo, the feeling is good,

Install Gentoo Livedvd to hard drive

The importance of Linux is beyond doubt, and has played a lot of distributions before, the beginning of the play is fedora, and later in order to find the server version and installed RHEL5, heard CentOS, on the basis of RHEL5, replaced the Redhat

Copy Gentoo livecd system to hard disk howto

If I say that I can install a Gentoo Linux Desktop System in less than 15 minutes, you cannot believe it, because it usually takes about a week to install Gentoo desktop system normally, only 15 minutes? Dreaming? After reading the methods described

Quick Install Gentoo

Quick Install Gentoo If I say I can install a Gentoo Linux desktop system in less than 15 minutes, you can't believe it, because the normal installation of Gentoo desktop system will take about a week, only 15 minutes. You're dreaming. When you

Gentoo Linux Installation Details

1. Prepare for remote Logon: Enable the ssh service: /etc/init.d/sshd start Set password: passwd So that you can use putty and ssh client to remotely log on to the upload stage (sometimes online download is slow, while local area network

Install Gentoo livedvd to the hard disk

There is no doubt about the importance of Linux, But I have played many release versions before. I first played fedora, and later installed rhel5 to find the server version. After hearing about centos, on the basis of rhel5, replaced the RedHat logo

Install Gentoo Linux in VMware 8.0

First, show me my VMware configurations1. The CPU configuration is a single dual-core2. The memory configuration is 1024 MB.3. The video card and sound card are standard configurations.4. The hard drive is a 20 gb scsi hard drive (if you only

Gentoo installation (3)-Configuration System and gentoo

Gentoo installation (3)-Configuration System and gentooConfigure system information: File System Information: Create/etc/fstab nano -w /etc/fstab Network Information: Host name, Domainname, etc nano -w /etc/conf.d/hostname Grouping

My Gentoo installation commemorative post transplanted Space version

// The layout of Baidu post bar is not good, so I sorted it out here. Now I found that the revision is really good. Recently, my college career has influenced my passion for computer science, but I believe I will stick to it. Change the original

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