Latest JetBrains Pycharm Usage Tutorials-common shortcuts and Settings pycharm for Eclipse shortcut keys (iv)

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Pycharm frequently used shortcut keys
    1. Ctrl + D: copying when moving forward
    2. Ctrl + Y: delete When moving forward
    3. Ctrl + Z Undo
    4. SHIFT + Enter: Quick Line Wrapping
    5. Ctrl +/: Quick Notes
    6. Ctrl + F: Find
    7. Ctrl + H: replace
    8. Tab: Indent
    9. Shift + Tab: Cancel Indent
    10. Ctrl + minus: Collapses the current code block
    11. Ctrl + Plus: Expands the current code block
    12. Ctrl +shift+ minus: Entire file collapsed
    13. Ctrl +shift+ Plus: Entire file expanded
Set Pycharm to eclipse shortcut keys

Ctrl + O finds classes, methods in the current file based on name Blur

Alt + (left ARROW or RIGHT arrow), fallback or forward to view before or edit

Alt + (up ARROW or DOWN arrow) to move the current method down or upward

Ctrl+shift+r finding a resource file based on name Blur

Ctrl+shift+t finds a class in the current project based on name Blur

ctrl+/Comment, uncomment code

Ctrl+d Delete the current line code

CTRL + H Find in entire project

CTRL + S (no effect, Pycharm is auto-saved)

F3 is the same as CTRL + left mouse button: Jump to method definition

Shift+enter edit in row automatically jumps to the beginning of the next line

CTRL + ALT + F (code formatting) code formatting (Ctrl + ALT + L is Ubuntu lock screen)

Ctrl + Shift +/[SELECT code block end, start
Alt + Enter Quick fix-->alt +/

Ctrl+shilf+f12 maximum minimized current editing window (equivalent to eclipse ctrl+m)

Ctrl + F6 Switch between windows

Ctrl + (-/+) Folding release code

Alt+shift+r Rename the current file (in eclipse with F2, then Pycharm is conflicted)

Single-Step Debug button (F5/f6/f7/f8)

Latest JetBrains Pycharm Usage Tutorials-common shortcuts and Settings pycharm for Eclipse shortcut keys (iv)

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