Latest version of Eclipse photon download and install

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A new version of Eclipse has been recently, it's cool!

First browser access: the corresponding page of Eclipse is the latest version!

If the download speed is slow, please return to re-click the download (may be Yan value problem)!

The latest version of Eclipse is different from the old version: it is necessary to install the JDK and JRE to click Install, or it will not install eclipse (the old version is not in the first installation of Eclipse, prompted to install the JDK, it is now installed JDK before installing eclipse).

Well, take jdk1.8 as an example:

Browser "Cheap" Oh, no, no, No. Type:

Download the top version (download 8u171 version, the mantissa is odd is bug fixed and all passed the verified version)

Click Install will have two installation options: The first installation is the JDK, the second installation is the JRE, the recommended two are installed in the Java directory:

After installing the JDK, configure the environment variables:

1. Right-click Computer, properties, advanced system settings, environment variables, system variables → new java_home variable. Variable value fill in the JDK installation directory (I am D:\Java\jdk1.8.0_171)

2. System variable find path variable, edit, enter%java_home%\bin;%java_home%\jre\bin at the end of variable value;

Note: If the end of the path variable value is not preceded by the edit, enter it first, and then copy the above code in.

3. System variables, new CLASSPATH variable, variable value type.; %java_home%\lib;%java_home%\lib\tools.jar (note the small point in front)

4. Verify that the JDK installation configuration was successful: type java–version on the command line if version information is displayed

After the JDK installation is successful, click Install the downloaded Eclipse installation file:

Then it's all right, you're welcome!

Latest version of Eclipse photon download and install

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