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Summer is coming, and the sultry weather is getting popular. In this hot summer, we should learn more about mental health care techniques. Make your life more peaceful, healthy, and happy......


Kind If you are kind, you will enjoy the joy of others. If you are willing to help the poor, you will always feel gratified; if you have a good heart, you will be bright and bright. If you are willing to open your hearts to people, you will always feel relaxed. In short, good people will always maintain a calm psychological state, which can adjust the blood flow and the excitement of nerve cells to the best state, thus improving the body's disease resistance. Therefore, kindness is an essential high-level nutrient for mental health.
Tolerance In social interactions, losses, misunderstandings, and grievances are always inevitable. In the face of this, the smartest choice is to learn tolerance. Tolerance is a good psychological quality. It not only contains understanding and forgiveness, but also shows the air and mind, strength and strength. A person who is not tolerant and eager to ask others is often in a nervous state, resulting in nervous excitement, vascular contraction, elevated blood pressure, and a vicious circle of psychology and physiology. If you learn to be tolerant, you will be disciplined and treat others with generosity. This means you have placed a control valve on your own mind.
Optimistic Optimism is a positive character and mood. It can stimulate people's vitality and potential, resolve conflicts and overcome difficulties; While pessimism is a kind of passive and decadent personality and mood, which makes people sad, worried, and painful, in the face of difficulties, the impact of physical and mental health.
Indifferent Indifferent, that is, indifference and no pursuit of fame and fortune. In the late Qing dynasty, Zhang Zhidong said: " If you have no choice, you can feel at ease. " Bing Xin, a famous contemporary writer, also believes that " Self-improvement " . This shows that being indifferent is a lofty realm and mentality, and is a deep positioning of the pursuit of life. With a indifferent mindset, we will not follow the trend in the secular world and pursue fame and fortune; we will not be excited or miserable about what is outside the world; we will not complain about other people in the world and compare ourselves with jealousy. The indifferent mentality keeps people in a peaceful State and maintains a normal heart. All factors detrimental to physical and mental health will be pushed back.

By Cynthia

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