Lenovo new Dream F computer run a game card or a solution that cannot be run

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New Dream F Series run game card, not fluent


1. Verify your new dream F machine hardware configuration is in line with the recommended hardware configuration of the game website

(1) If your new dream F hardware configuration (such as CPU, memory, graphics cards, etc.) to meet the recommended configuration of the game's official website, still slow game, we will proceed to the next question judgment;

(2) If your new dream F hardware configuration (such as CPU, memory, graphics, etc.) than the recommended configuration of the game's official website, it is recommended to contact the local service station to consult hardware upgrades or reduce your game screen quality, action effect test.

2. Check your new dream f whether there is a "energy-saving Butler" software installed on your computer.

(1) If you have installed such software, it is recommended to choose "Play Game" mode, or directly uninstall the test;

(2) If the new dream does not have such software, we recommend that you in the Control Panel of power management options to choose "high-performance" test;

(3) If the above test is invalid, we make the next judgment.

3. You can try to update the new dream F antivirus software, Full-screen kill virus, Trojan test, but also recommended that you install 1 anti-virus software on your computer, if the installation of more than one may cause the machine CPU, memory resources occupied, causing the machine to run slowly.

4. It is recommended that you contact the game official customer service to check whether there is a special set of content in the game, or whether you need to install the appropriate game patch program;

5. Reinstall the video Drive test

(1) Reinstall the video drive test using a random drive disc.

(2) Login to the official website of Lenovo download the latest graphics driver test:


(3) According to the graphics card model landing nvidia or AMD website to download the corresponding graphics model driver installation test.

6. If the above test or operation is invalid, recommend to repair to the vicinity of Lenovo professional service network detection.

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