Let's talk about how new users learn the classic PHP version.

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How to Learn PHP ^_^
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Article There are so many contact methods listed at the beginning that it will inevitably make everyone feel a bit ad-like, but it cannot be questioned that there is indeed a ding point in silence ^ _ ^, although sometimes too detailed will be said to the mother-in-law, but fortunately this kind of meticulous for programming, it is quite helpful!
I started to ask others how to learn PHP, and many people asked me how to learn PHP silently, whether it's a beginner or an old bird, it seems that I can't find a clear context. However, since I learned PHP silently, I have taken this path more or less for authentication.
I am afraid you will not have to go into details about the background of PHP. I believe that choosing a language is not based on its background and long history. More importantly, it depends on its practicality, the flashy language, even if it is a brilliant history, will also fall. Fortunately, PHP has stood the test. Therefore, it is indeed a language worth learning.
I grew up quietly following others' experiences, and therefore, in the experience of my predecessors, I had fewer detours and stepped into the formal stage faster, here, I would like to say thank you to the elders who did not know their names. In the silent eyes, there is no small help. As long as it is a help, it will always warm up in the silence. I think, the elders helped me not to get my thanks, but also out of a sense of responsibility and expectations for silence, so I thought, only to learn PHP well, to be able to withstand the sweat of our predecessors.
As I said, I have finally felt a sense of responsibility. I do not know how much my experience can help new users, but I understand that it is time to fulfill my responsibilities, it is necessary for me to tell my experience to all people who want to learn PHP well. Only in this way can we make continuous progress and development of PHP in China and have a place in the world.
During this period, I felt that the domestic PHP environment was becoming more and more mature and the specifications were gradually improved. phpchina was founded, it marks the official establishment of a PHP institution directly linked to the official website in China, and a late round of applause!
Okay. Let's get started with the question:
Before talking about my learning methods, I want to say something to those who want to get useful information from my articles:
Silent articles will not play a substantial role in your learning. If you can succeed, you have to rely on your own, persistence, persistence, and then persistence, that is, to step into success.
First, I will summarize the PHP learning process:
(1) familiar with HTML/ CSS /JS and other basic webpage elements. Production Complete webpage, familiar with element attributes
(2) understand the concept of Dynamic Language, operating mechanism, and familiarity with PHP syntax
(3) learning how to combine PHP and HTML to complete simple dynamic pages
(4) contact my SQL , Start Design Database Program
(5) continue to consolidate and find out which PHP is commonly used Function And can understand Oop, MySQL optimization, and templates.
(6) complete a fully functional Dynamic Site
This line may coincide with many PHP enthusiasts. It is also a step-by-step learning process. However, it is quite simple for new users not to see the above summary, I have to pour cold water on you, but nothing is simple. Even the bread in the snack area is not made at once.
Let me explain my learning ideas first.
First of all, it is not difficult to understand the concept of a website. Any website is composed of webpages. That is to say, to complete a website, you must first learn how to create a webpage. Therefore, you must master HTML, in order to lay the foundation for future website production.
In learning html, I think it is the most effective way to learn and do it. Of course, this method is also the most effective way to learn PHP.
Any element in HTML must be put into practice in person. Only after you understand the effect of any element can you remember it deeply. However, it is absolutely impossible to read a book blindly, I think most new users think that concepts are hard to learn. Most of them are "lazy". Lazy is the biggest enemy to prevent progress. So they can learn one thing faster by overcoming lazy habits.
Maybe you only want to learn php as soon as possible Development A website will also want me to be a website. Why do I need to learn what pages are pediatrics? It is not hard to see that there are not a few novice users with low eyes. This idea is undoubtedly used to build a castle in the air. If you do not have a foundation, how can you build a roof?
OK. Mastering the production technology of static Web pages is a prerequisite for learning to develop websites. This is mentioned here because this article is not Tutorial In this article, we will not conduct in-depth analysis on the technology.
I assume that you can now complete a static page. Of course, the nice looking and ugly look is another one. The first page is not good to see, but the child is ugly, we can't give up on what we do, right? After all, this is our result.
So let's start to learn about the concept of dynamic language. When we first got into touch with Dynamic Language, many people may be confused. Why is this messy thing displayed on the webpage another thing? In fact, this is not a mess. The HTML you wrote Code Not all. Character ? After all, the Code is not as direct Output But after processing. To put it bluntly, HTML is through the HTML Parser, and PHP is also through the PHP parser, just like learning html, to allow any parser to complete the operation, you must use their special syntax structure, so it is not surprising that PHP looks strange.
Understanding PHP is the most difficult threshold for new users, but you should feel lucky that PHP has reached the maximum limit for new users. If you have learned other languages, PHP may be quite simple, but if you haven't learned anything before, you can think about it.
The simple principle tells us that even if you cannot understand PHP, you must first get familiar with it and read it over and over again, at the same time, you can think about Code as it teaches. Even if you don't know what the code is, you should at least look for it.
After a struggle, you are smart, obviously enlightened, and gradually understood the concept of programming. Congratulations, you have taken the first step of success.
To understand the concept of HTML and PHP, PHP and HTML hybrid programming should not Problem During this period, you can let PHP calculate one plus one or several values for you, and then output them in a browser. Don't feel naive. This is indeed the same as the Apollo moon landing, you are playing a short piece of code, but it is a huge step towards your programming path! Excited? But I have to drop you some cold water. You are a cainiao.
Happy Time Time You must continue to work hard. The next step is to learn. Data MySQL is the prime partner of PHP. However, even if you say so, you may wish to swallow MySQL, this line of stuff makes yourself dizzy.
Dizzy to dizzy, dizzy to dizzy, you can't eat when you bite your tongue, don't you? Let go of fear and continue to work hard. Let's conquer it, rather than be conquered by it. Let's cheer up, comrade.
After some battles, you finally understood the concept of a database, and you are excited that you can finally connect to the database through PHP. How did you learn this during this period, we won't go into the research, but it turns out that you can.
If you have learned PHP and database, there is no doubt that you are holding motolola in your left hand and Nokia in your right hand. How cool and cool you are, haha, and finally learned, but maybe at this time, someone may casually pat the shoulder and say to you: Dude, don't be so happy too early. You're a newbie. It's a big difference from learning!
When you have worked hard to use PHP to successfully insert, delete, and update data, it is clear that you are just waiting for a while.
You may be in this status at this time:
Do you know HTML? Yes. I can compile several webpages with large table la s!
Do you know PHP? Yes. I will write the One-plus-one operation in the function and call it!
Do you know MySQL? Yes. I will insert and delete my information in the database.
So what do you do next? I think it's okay to test your skills. Let's give you a task and make a message book. It's a comparison with Hello world! ^ _ ^ Is the first level for beginners.
After a while, you finally learned Form The data is inserted into the database and then displayed. It should be said that the prototype of a program has been born.
However, you may look at the east and look at the west. Forum The CMS, and the CRM. When should I write one?
Don't worry. It can be said that your horse is almost tied up, and it's time to start practicing the trend. If you have the conditions, use a pen or print a simple PHP manual on your body, from time to time, you can see it. Remember, you cannot leave WC alone (^ 2 ^ ).
If you have other requirements, please take a look at this book. "PHP + MySQL web development (the third edition)" is called a Bible-level (it may be a good choice (statement: the author did not give me any benefit, I am not a book holder either. I have never even met his old man and said -_-)
After consolidating your knowledge and familiarizing yourself with the essentials of PHP and MySQL development, you may doubt that it was actually written by you? Of course, if there is a ghost in the house, it may be written -_-
At this time, your message book should be added to the registration and paging functions. If you are more powerful, the UI (User Interface) can also be enhanced. After the completion, do you feel a sense of accomplishment? In any case, I wrote a dynamic website program and put it on my own website to play games. Let's look at it with good friends. Hey, look at how good I wrote, and then publicize it on the Internet.
A few days later, you can open the message book again. Why? Wow, more than N pages are displayed! Obviously, your message book has not been well protected. It has been played by JavaScript code. I am very sorry for your feelings at this time, but there is no other way. Continue to work hard!
You have worked hard to get familiar with security issues, and then designed some programs. It feels good.
So next, I will learn it? No, no, no. It's still early. Have you ever touched OOP or something? What about the template?
Well, learn! After learning this, you have learned how to generate static Web pages. Now you should get started with XML. Well, XML also understands. Ajax Do you have to contact me? Ajax is finished... then...
All in all, you will never find that you have learned it all. Some really strong people will always make new things to lose to you. If you don't learn it, you will lag behind. It also confirms the experience of our predecessors. It is really endless learning!
I want to use my YY to get familiar with some learning processes. Maybe my process is the same as some of your ways, but I write so much about it, it is just a reference opportunity for everyone. As for the advantages and disadvantages, we do not dare to pack tickets ^ 0 ^
After reading this, you will find that Luo Wei is so much and is of no use to me. I know how to learn it, but I want to learn how to learn faster. It will take a week to complete quickly, what is the speed of 24 hours, do you have?
I don't know, but if I flat you into the hospital within 2 minutes, I'm sure -_-
Never think about quick start. It tells you a way, but it is useless if you lack the effort.
But one thing I can assure you is that if you have learned PHP, you must be able to learn other languages quickly. In turn, if you have learned other languages before, so learning PHP is certainly faster.
But the syntax is easy to learn, but how to use the syntax to achieve everyone has their own way, almost each has its own merits. However, learning from others' successful code is definitely beneficial and harmless. Therefore, it is the best way to look at the classic code that has been refined.
After talking so much about PhP, I just want to say that I should not only master methods, but also work hard. I don't want to see people who give up halfway, believe in themselves, believe in your choice, and trust in your abilities. If you want to give up and be violent, you can leave your mouth open and yell at others. Why can't I do it? (Isn't it a bit difficult for Coach Luo? It's true that there are too many movies in silence, and it hurts to blow your mouth. You can understand this truth)
In addition, You must guard against the temptation of ASP/PHP/JSP /. net comparison may make you feel at a loss. You may have learned half of PHP and started to develop C # ideas, or some people may say Java Very strong. At this time, you must learn PHP even if you really want to learn it. Then I will learn from it again. This is the most difficult thing to think about. If I give up halfway, I can only get nothing, but also waste more time and experience, which is not worth the candle, the most important thing is that you will be looked down upon by others, and no one will like to make friends with people who have different opinions. because such people are too restless and unreliable, you must force yourself to fulfill your goals, even if it is difficult or persistent, so perseverance is exercised.

After talking so much, I may be tired of everyone, but the silence is the kind of silence. once it enters the status, it becomes very excited, I want to express what I think as much as possible, but unfortunately my writing skills are limited, and the results may not be satisfactory. However, I feel that it is easy to share my experience, feel relieved.
Finally, I would like to say that many Chinese people are not confident and that when they speak any language in China, the Chinese people do not unite or have no team spirit, on the contrary, I think those people are all blind, sad, and sightly. They always put all their responsibilities away, but do not start from themselves and change this situation with an exemplary attitude, on the contrary, the pessimistic sigh only expects those people to wake up early. Only when everyone works hard can they make progress. However, they feel inferior and will only get worse and worse.
In fact, whether it's PHP or anything else, if we don't learn it, we have to come up with a name. The power of a person may be insignificant, but everyone is working hard and working together, what can't the Chinese do? We must not only catch up with the Chinese standard, but also surpass it. We must make the world use the "China Standard". Maybe I say that some people say that I am crazy, and some people say that I will only shout slogans. This doesn't matter, but what's important is that I finally say what I want in my heart. To put it bluntly, we Chinese people do not lack strength or ambition. Our ambition is not derogatory, it is the ambition of the Chinese to compete for the world's first place.
Having said so much, I ran another question ^ _ ^. In fact, we encourage new users to learn PHP. Please work hard. China's development depends on us! (It's too big to be an official! _ ^)

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