Linux and Security Knot lessons--Summary

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This class, this semester we have only one of the three departments of this course, many many many students say why you have to choose this course. Parents also say, why don't you come with the crowd. Someone asked me before, whether regrets chose such a class, I said, regret. This course, which requires self-study and my student work, almost fills my own leisurely junior. Said regret that Thursday, I still for Lou big exam struggle, scratching the scalp, bite broken fingers, restless. Now, this course is going to be over, and I'm going to do it, you ask me again, I regret it. I really will tell you, I do not regret to choose this course, regret is not enough experience to keep up with Lou Teacher's pace, good to learn such lessons. If I had to do it again, I would certainly have chosen him, and I would have invested more experience to learn. This is my true words.

The course is over and there are some summaries to write about:
1, whether to adapt to the teacher as a coach, students when the student's teaching method.

Seriously, I'm not comfortable with that. Because the brain is stupid, there is no time to learn, when there is no teacher on the platform to teach me knowledge, almost entirely by my self-taught words, I do not have this ability.

May still need the teacher to guide a little more to self-study, speak a little more. For me, it is easier to understand when Lou teacher is speaking to the podium in person, than listening to the lessons on the computer.

2. What is the harvest? What do you think you are doing well?

The harvest is many and many, since last semester chose the first Linux, opened the door of my new world. The way of learning, the efficiency of learning, the purpose of learning, to meet a teacher who teaches me in college.

It surprised me. Two times Lou Teacher's first class, I want to record it, because this class let me upsurge worship, inspired me to work hard, but definitely not just learning. Follow Lou teacher in class

What I have learned is not only learning, insisting on memorizing words, encouraging fitness, learning a part of the learning method, Mooc the teacher, encouraging us to learn by ourselves. It's like I was in a bit of a decadent college life and pulled

I pull up, drag me up, let me continue to fight forward.

Feel that you have done a few good things, maybe the idea is better. Because has always been to take a good study of the mood to learn, no time, learn not to understand, quickly hung up without thinking of self-abandonment,

Just hold on a second. Listen carefully and have a good review before the exam.

3, in terms of their own, what are the deficiencies?

The biggest disadvantage is that when MOOC not enough time to see to learn, to achieve a good result. These are all I have said in Mooc's summary. The root source, or own procrastination, every time is said to be pleasant,

But the power of action is weak and the ability to really do things is poor. To open a blank cheque. Efforts are being made to correct the.

Finally, really thank Lou Teacher.

Linux and Security Knot lessons--Summary

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