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Summary of Excel Macro security PHP programming security

'. This will not misinterpret this particular variable as a cookie, session, or GET variable. The second setting to check is the error reporting level. During development, you want to get as many error reports as possible, but when you deliver the project, you want to log the error to the journal file instead of on the screen. Why? Because malicious hackers use error reporting information, such as SQL errors, to guess what the application is doing. This reconnaissance can help hackers break thr

Security 02: Encryption and decryption, scanning and capture, summary and troubleshooting, SELinux security Protection

Day01First, SELinux security protectionIi. Data encryption and decryptionThree, grasping the bag and scanning++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++First, SELinux security protection1.1 SELinux Introduction1.2 Linux security protection model?1.3 Viewing the status of the current system SELinux[Email protected] ~]# Sestatus1.4 SELinux configuration file[Email protected] ~]

Atitit. Summary of information security control O7

Atitit. Summary of information security control O7 1. Information security covers a lot of content: 1 2. # security risks caused by internal personnel 1 3. # transparent encryption of sensitive data 2 4. # Security Protection 2 5. # Protect key business data through data

PHP programming security summary _ PHP Tutorial

PHP programming security summary. Rule 1: never trust external data or enter information about Web application security. The first thing that must be realized is that you should not trust external data. External data (outsidedata) includes Rule 1: never trust external data o

Information Security system Design Fundamentals third Week study summary

implements a finite integer operation compared to a real integer operation, with some special properties: because of overflow, the expression x*x can produce negative numbers. However, both unsigned and complement operations satisfy many of the other properties of integer operations, including binding laws, commutative laws, and distributive laws. This allows the compiler to do a lot of optimizations. We've seen several clever ways to use bit-level arithmetic and arithmetic operations: (1) us

Linux O & M Security Summary

This article focuses on O M security and is not very specific. It is mainly a keyword summary. Take CentOS as an example:0x01Physical protection1. Guide grub. conf to add a password Title xxx linux server root (hd0, 0) password 123321 // plaintext title xxx linux server root (hd0, 0) is displayed at ease of startup) password -- md5 $1 $ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx // Recommended Configuration MD5 is generated using gr

Linux System Common Commands Summary (vii) Security settings

Security settings Classification Command Options Annotations Security PolicySELinux Setenforce Number (0,1) Set SELinux status, 0 off, 1 on Getenforce   Displays the current SELinux status, enforcing indicates enabled, permissive indicates off Firewall Iptables Three tables: Filter,nat,mangle Examp

Information Security system Design Fundamentals third Week study summary

double. On machines that support IEEE floating-point format, these data types correspond to single-precision and double-precision floating-point.The newer version of the C language, including the ISO C99, contains the third floating-point data type long double. For many machines and compilers, this data type is equivalent to a double data type. However, for Intel compatible machines, GCC uses the 80-bit "extended precision" format to implement this data type, providing a much larger range and p

2018-2019-1 20165228 "Information Security system Design Fundamentals" Second week study summary

2018-2019-1 20165228 "The foundation of Information security system design" The second week study summary textbook learning content Summary information = bit + context Unsigned encoding: Represents a number greater than or equal to zero based on the traditional binary notation Complement coding: represents the most common way to sign a certificate, a number

Summary of Common commands in Linux (7) Security Settings and Common commands in linux

Summary of Common commands in Linux (7) Security Settings and Common commands in linux Security Settings Category Command Option Annotation Security PolicySelinux Setenforce Number (0, 1) Set selinux status, 0 closed, 1 Enabled Getenforce  

2018-2019-1 20165330 "Information Security system Design Fundamentals" Second week study summary

shift x>>k: Move the K-bit right and the value at the left to complement K's most significant bit Logical right Shift x>>>k: Move K-bit right, left complement K 0 Use arithmetic right shift for signed number, logical right shift for unsigned numberInteger representation Information = bit + context unsigned integer: b2u4[0011]=0 2^3+0 2^2+1 2^1+1 2^0=3 Signed integer-complement code: B2t4[1011]=-1 2^3+0 2^2+1 2^1+1 2^0=-5 Unsigned number means you need to append the suf

2018-2019-1 20165316 "Information Security system Design Fundamentals" Second week study summary

2018-2019-1 20165316 "Information Security system Design Fundamentals" the second week to summarize the learning contents of the teaching materials Small end, low address to low, high address to high; You can determine the size and end type of a machine by forcibly extracting a byte of storage from either the cast or union. A logical operation has only 0 or 12 results, while bit-level operations are bitwise-processing. Round to even

20135327 Guo Hao--Information security system design basics Third Week study summary

-point numbers,权重是2 的E次幂。Case 1: Normalized value. When exp is not full modulus is 1 or 0. The Order field is interpreted as a biased representation of a signed integer.Case 2: Non-normalized value: When the Order field is full 0 o'clock, the number represented is a non-normalized form. In this case, the order value is E = 1-bias, and the value of the mantissa is M = f, which is the value of the small number field, which does not contain the implied beginning of 1Case 3: Special Value: The Order

Information Security system design basics first week study summary

code to compile the installationTo install the Deb package from a local disk using dpkg:First use the Apt-get plus-d parameter only download not installed, download the Emacs Editor's Deb package, after the download is complete,We can view the contents of the/var/cache/apt/archives/directory, we will copy the first deb to the home directory and use dpkg to installTo view the installation directory for installed packages:Using Dpkg-l to view the Deb package directory informationTo install from a

SQL Learning Summary (10)--Security control technology

STATEMENT on table name or view name to user name or role name with GRANT OPTIONDeny database user or role authorization:Deny STATEMENT on table name or view name to user name or role name with GRANT OPTIONCreate two login accountsExecute sp_addlogin ' hyuser1 ', ' hy123456 ', ' db_company ', ' 中文版 'Execute sp_addlogin ' hyuser2 ', ' hy111111 ', ' db_company ', ' 中文版 'Create two database users using the two login accounts created, respectively,Execute sp_grantdbaccess ' hyuser1 ', ' dbhyuser1 '

Information Security system Design Fundamentals third Week study summary

, and n = 23 bits respectively, resulting in a 32-bit representation;In a double, the S, exp, and Frac fields are 1 bits, k = 11 bits, and n = 52 bits, respectively, and a 64-bit representation is obtained.Problems in Learning:(1) about overflow:Due to the inherent flaw of C/D + + language, neither checking the array boundary nor checking type reliability, and the program developed in C + + language because the target code is very close to the machine core, so it can directly access the memory a

Information Security system design basics first week study summary

basis of regular expressions1. Regular expressions, also known as formal representations, formal representations, regular expressions, regular expressions, general representations (English: Regular expression, often abbreviated in code as regex, RegExp, or RE), is a concept of computer science. A regular expression uses a single string to describe and match a series of strings that conform to a certain syntactic rule. In many text editors, regular ex

Software Architecture Design Learning Summary (14): Large Web site Technology Architecture (eight) security architecture of the website

process is unidirectional, as shown in.The general purpose of one-way hash encryption is the encryption of the user's password, so that the password is not reversible to the database, even if the database information leaks, the attacker can not know what the original password is.The common one-way hashing algorithm has MD5, SHA and so on.5.2 Symmetric encryptionThat is, both encryption and decryption use the same key, as shown in:The commonly used symmetric encryption algorithm has DES algorith

20145339 "Information Security system Design Fundamentals" 6th Week Study Summary

a logic gate based on the individual bits of the input word.In the HCL, we declare all word-level signals as int, without specifying the size of the wordIn the HCL, a multiplexed function is described using a condition expression. Each case I has a Boolean expression select and an integer expression, expr. The former indicates when to choose this case, the latter represents the resulting valueThe Arithmetic/logic unit (ALU) is a very important combination circuit. This circuit has 3 inputs: two

Information Security System 13th Week study summary 20135218 Jing Mengxin

cause a set of states called deadlock zones. Deadlock is a rather difficult problem because it is unpredictable. Mutex lock Order rule : If for each pair of mutex (S,T) in the program, assign a whole order to all the locks, each thread requests the lock in this order, and is released according to reverse, the program is deadlock-free.How to resolve a deadlock do not let a deadlock occur: Static strategy: Design appropr

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