Linux bash Shell Common command collation

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use these commands to do almost anything you want to do.




Define an alias for the specified command
Bg Run of later mode recovery jobs

Bind a keyboard sequence to a ReadLine function or macro

Break Exit For, while, select, until Loops
Builtin Executes the specified shell built-in command
Cd Switches the current directory to the specified directory
Caller Returns the context of all active child function calls
Command Executes the specified command instead of the usual shell lookup
Compgen Generate a possible complement match for the specified word
Complete Shows how the specified word is fully complement
Continue Continue with the next iteration of the for, while, select, until Loops
Declare Declaring a variable or variable type
Dirs Displays a list of current storage directories
Dirsown Removes the specified job from the job list for the process
Echo Outputs the specified character to stdout
Enable To start or disable built-in shell commands
Eval Stitch the specified parameters into a single command, and then execute the command
Exec Replace the shell process with the specified command
Exit Force the Shell to exit with the specified status code
Export Sets the specified variable to be available to the child shell process
Fc Select a list of commands from the history record
Fg Resume job running in front-end mode
Getopts Parse the specified positional parameters
Hash Find and remember the full path name of the specified command
Help Show Help Files
History Show command history
Jobs List the active jobs
Kill Sends a system signal to the specified process ID (PID)
Let Calculates each parameter in a mathematical expression
Local Creating a scoped variable in a function
Logout Exit Shell Login
popd Delete records from the directory stack
Printf displaying text using a formatted string
pushd Add a directory to the directory stack
Pwd Displays the path name of the current working directory
Read Reads a row of data from stdin and assigns it to a variable
ReadOnly Reads a row of data from stdin and assigns it to a variable that cannot be modified
Return Forces the function to exit with a value that may be called by the script to extract
Set setting and displaying the values and shell properties of environment variables
Shift Set parameter down one position in turn
Shopt Turn on/off variable values that control the shell's optional behavior
Suspend Suspends execution of the shell, knowing that a sigcont signal is received
Test Returns exit status code 0 or 1 based on specified criteria
Times Displays the cumulative user and system time
Trap If a specified system signal is received, execute the specified command
Type Displays the specified word if it will be interpreted as a command
Ulimit Sets an upper limit for the specified resource for the system user
Umask Set default permissions for new files and directories
Unalias Delete the specified alias
unset Delete the specified environment variable or shell attribute
Wait Waits for the specified process to complete and returns the outstanding status code
Bzip2 Using Burrows-wheeler block sort text compression algorithm and Huffman coded compression method
Cat List the contents of the specified file
Chage Modify the password expiration date for the specified system user account
Chfn Modify note Information for a specified user account
Chgrp To modify the default genus group for a specified file or directory
chmod Modify system security permissions for a specified file or directory
Chown Modifies the default owner of a specified file or directory
chpasswd Read a login/password to the file and update the password
Chsh Modify the default shell for a specified user account
Compress The original UNIX file compression tool
Cp Copy the specified file to a different location
Date Display dates in various formats
Df Displays statistics on the current disk space for all mounted devices
Du Displays statistics on disk usage for the specified file path
File To view the file type of a specified file
Find Recursive lookup of files
Finger Display information about a user's account on a Linux or remote system
Free View available and used memory on the system
Grep Finds the specified text string in a file
Groupadd Create a new system group
Groupmod Modify an existing system group
Gzip GNU Project compression tool with Lempel-ziv encoding
Head Displays the beginning of the contents of the specified file
Killall Sends a system signal to a running process based on the process name
Less Advanced methods for viewing the contents of a file
Link Create a link to a specified file with an alias
Ls Listing Directory Contents
Mkdir Create the specified directory under the current directory
More Lists the contents of the specified file, pausing after each screen of data
Mount Display a disk device mounted on a virtual file system or mount a disk device to a virtual file system
Mv Rename or move a file
Nice Use different priorities on the system to run commands
passwd Modify the password for a system user account
Ps Displays information about processes running on the system
Pwd Show current directory
Renice To modify the priority of applications running on the system
Rm Delete the specified file
RmDir Delete the specified directory
Sort Organizes data in a data file based on the specified order
Stat Displays file statistics for the specified file
Sudo Run the app as the root user account
Tail Displays the end portion of the specified file content
Tar Archive data and directories into a single file
Touch Create a new empty file or update the timestamp of an existing file
Top Displays the active process and describes important system statistics
Umount Remove a mounted disk device from the virtual file system
Uptime Displays information about how long the system has been running
Useradd Create a new System user account
Userdel Delete an existing system user account
Usermod Modify an existing system user account
Vmstat Generate a detailed on-system memory and CPU usage report
which Find the location of the executable file
Zip Unix versions of Windows PKZIP programs

Linux bash Shell Common command collation

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