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I don't know how many people have heard of elementary OS? The elementary project has only one elementary topic at the beginning, and many projects have been extended to form
The elementary project team has elementary OS. The project team was founded in the UK.
UI Designer. He uses a Mac machine. From the Mac style of elementary theme at the beginning, to the design idea of elementary OS, he can see that Apple's style has a great impact on him. The members of the project team do not stick to the traditional thinking of linuxer.

In terms of development, in order to maintain high integration with the system, elementary OS did not directly pre-install existing software, but re-wrote many of its own programs, both GTK + and Vala are the main language for OS development, which is similar to Apple's use of coca.

The first version code of elementary OS is Jupiter, based on Ubuntu 10.04. It deletes programs rarely used in the original Ubuntu version, and pre-installs self-developed browsers, email clients, address books, and other programs. This release version is relatively small in comparison to the original version, and its own programs are still rough. However, it has a minor revision to Ubuntu, and there will be no compatibility issues with installation programs from various PSPs.

Recently, we just released the second official version, code-named Luna. This version is based on Ubuntu 12.04 lts and uses the self-developed Pantheon desktop environment and gala window manager. (For more information, see if you are interested)

In terms of Default Programs, like the previous versions, many lightweight applications and some self-developed applications are used:

  • Pantheon files: File Manager
  • Geary: email client
  • Noise: music player
  • Midori: Web Browser
  • MAYA: Desktop Calendar Program
  • SCRATCH: Text Editor

I am still very interested in Ubuntu as an American version, so I downloaded a 64-bit experience ...... (Elementary
The default download on the OS official website is to donate ten dollars to the project, with the principle of voluntary and conscious ...... We can download it for free !)

I. startup Screen

Simple and beautiful System logo, beautiful login screen, elementary OS gave me the first impression ...... Compared with the Ubuntu boot screen, elementary OS is more concise and beautiful!

Ii. System appearance

When I enter the system, I can see this beautiful and concise appearance at first glance. The dock at the bottom is really like a Mac OS, and there is a translucent and concise terminal, so I can't help it! It is worthy of being the most beautiful. the user experience is closest to the Linux release version of Mac.

From the terminal I opened, we can see that the window on elementary OS only closes the window at the leftmost end and maximizes the window at the rightmost end without the minimization button, there is a long article on this official website discussing the design of the buttons to maximize, minimize, and close on the title bar. The final result is that the maximize and minimize buttons are removed from elemtnary OS, and only the close button is retained. When the close button is clicked, the program does not exit, but only closes the UI interface, replacing the Minimize button to some extent. A full screen button is added on the right to replace the maximization function.

For the dock at the bottom, I use a transparent topic (how to change it will be mentioned in the desktop settings below). Like this, if a light is on the bottom of the logo, a window is opened, two ...... What are the super-harmonious settings ???

Iii. System desktop settings

In elementary OS, setting the desktop is not similar to right-clicking in Ubuntu and you can directly modify it. the desktop of elementary OS is similar to that of gnome and cannot be right-clicking, therefore, you can only modify the desktop settings in system settings. We can see that the desktop settings of elementary OS are quite distinctive. In addition to setting wallpaper and dock themes, we can also set a heat zone, that is, we place the mouse on the four corners for corresponding operations. Is the settings I used:

* In the upper left corner, the application menu is opened, which is equivalent to clicking application in the upper left corner;

* In the upper-right corner, the window is minimized. (although there is no minimization button in the window, we are used to minimizing the number. How can we not have this function! Therefore, setting an operation here is very user-friendly and convenient !);

* In the lower left corner, you can open the work interval overview, as shown in. You can also place the cursor over a work interval to close the work interval;

* In the upper-right corner, you can open the window currently opened for Preview (similar functions are available on the gnome interface !) As shown in the following figure:

Iv. Improvement in system settings

Powerful system settings not only set the desktop, but also two better ones!

First, set the keyboard:

In the keyboard settings of elementary OS, we will find that all the shortcut key settings are different from those of Ubuntu and the Mac machine keyboard ID is used, so we need to seat the number, for example, we need to use
Win key + 1/2/3/4... instead of the native Ubuntu CTRL + ALT + up/down switch.

Next, let's look at the super friendly power supply settings:

Many people say that they will not set up the standby and sleep features in Linux. Elementary OS has taken a profound consideration, for example, what operations should we perform to close the lid of our notebook!

Also, the additional Driver Upgrade is a very good feature inherited from Ubuntu!

Upgrading the driver is only one click at our mouse! It can make our PC work better!

V. built-in music player-Noise

As mentioned above, elementary OS needs to be highly integrated with the system and re-write many of its own programs, including this noise ., The interface is simple and beautiful, and it is good enough for the atmosphere!

However, some decoder must be installed for the first time. The same is true for video players! After the decoder is installed, the user experience is still very powerful. However, there is a common problem with the Ubuntu music player, that is, lack of Chinese support. There are still a lot of garbled characters in the opened music list!

Vi. System built-in File Manager-Pantheon files

Elementary OS file manager Pantheon
Files is awesome! I am using multi-column display similar to tree Chart display, and Pantheon files also supports opening Multiple folders at the same time, the user experience is superb!

The only pity is that if you click an image file, the blank area at the rightmost cannot provide a preview image. If you can display a preview image, we believe the user experience will be better!

7. built-in Web

Midori gave me the first feeling that it was very simple and clear, and we can manually add a dial-up website. It is said that Midori is not stable in chrome, but as a rookie, I feel that Midori is now quite good, and there is no instability during my trial period! Therefore, I do not know the accuracy of this statement!

8. Chinese support

Even if I have selected a Chinese system during installation, We need to select "language support" in "Settings" to add corresponding operations to the Chinese system ", then, "add language" is available in Spanish by default, but I believe most of us will still not be able to use it. Therefore, I will remove Spanish and select Simplified Chinese, and then use the installation! (The ibus input method will be automatically installed during the installation process, which can be described as a concern for users ).

IX. Summary

First of all, elementary OS beta2 -- Luna has a good user experience and an impeccable appearance. We hope that such a system will grow better and better, and it may be better in the future Linux desktop market!

Luna is based on ubuntu12.04. As we all know, 12.04 has long-term support, and stability is understandable. It is also a very good desktop system. Therefore, Luna's stability should not be too poor. In ubuntu-based systems, we can use apt-Get, dpkg, and other package management tools to simplify our operations and provide more powerful community support, so we have enough reason to try this beautiful and powerful system!

Finally, elementary OS is slowly developing. Sometimes it is not a mistake to be slow, because it can make every version better!

10. Trial of elementary OS interface in Ubuntu

If you are a Ubuntu user, you can also try elementary desktop through PPA.

Install PPA every day (for Ubuntu 11.04/11.10/12.04/12.10 ):

Sudo add-Apt-repository PPA: elementary-OS/daily
Sudo apt-Get update
Sudo apt-Get install elementary-Desktop

You can install a stable version. This PPA is applicable to Ubuntu 11.10/12.04:

Sudo add-Apt-repository PPA: elementary-OS/stable
Sudo apt-Get update
Sudo apt-Get install elementary-Desktop


Note: For more information about elementary OS, see elementary OS.

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