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Players play a very important role in our daily life. In Windows, players are widely used. Not only can we listen to music, but even broadcast and make ringtones, download music. In the Linux release version, there is a lack of entertainment which Windows users often attack the most violent part of Linux. Here we will introduce ten Linux players that are very suitable for our daily applications, let the Linux release start with music!

Players play a very important role in our daily life. In Windows, players are widely used. Not only can we listen to music, but even broadcast and make ringtones, download music. In the Linux release version, there is a lack of entertainment which Windows users often attack the most violent part of Linux. Here we will introduce ten Linux players that are very suitable for our daily applications, let the Linux release start with music!

1. VLC multimedia player
VLC multimedia player (originally named VideoLAN client) is a multimedia player of the VideoLAN program. It supports many audio and video decoder and file formats, and supports playback of DVDs and VCD and various stream protocols. It can also be used as a stream server of unicast and multicast for high-speed network connections between IPv4 and IPv6. It integrates the decoder produced by FFmpeg with the libdvdcss library, which adds the function of playing multimedia files and encrypting DVDs.
VLC multimedia players are supported across platforms, including Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, BeOS, BSD, Pocket PC, and Solaris.

VLC multimedia player
On Windows, Linux, and some platforms, VLC provides Mozilla plug-ins, the Quick Time and Windows Media files bound to some websites can be normally displayed in Mozilla browsers without Microsoft or Apple products.
Starting from version 0.8.2, VLC provides the Active X plug-in so that you can use Microsoft or Apple products, in Internet Explorer, Quick Time and Windows Media files bound to some websites are normally played.
Of course, VLC also has a very good function-playing those video files that are not downloaded completely.
Great linux music player Mplayer 2. Mplayer
MPlayer is an open-source multimedia player released with the GNU General Public License. This software can be used in mainstream operating systems, such as Linux and other Unix-like systems, Microsoft Windows systems, and Mac OS X systems on Apple computers. MPlayer is based on the command line interface. You can choose to install different graphic interfaces in each job system.

Another major feature of Mplayer is extensive output device support. It can work in X11, Xv, DGA, OpenGL, SVGAlib, fbdev, AAlib, and DirectFB, and you can also use GGI and SDL and some low-level hardware-related driver modes (such as Matrox, 3Dfx and Radeon, Mach64, Permedia3 ). MPlayer also supports hardware MPEG decoding card display, such as DVB, DXR3, and Hollywood +.
3. Rhythmbox
Rhythmbox is a great linux music player. It helps you easily organize music content and is free of charge. It is inspired by Apple's iTunes, which is developed using the GStreamer multi-media library. The execution results and effects in the GNOME desktop environment are amazing.

* Easy-to-use music Browser
* Search and sort
* Supports all audio file formats by using GStreamer
* Internet radio support, including last. fm Streaming Media
* Supported playback lists
* Display playback Visualization
* Easily transfer data in ipod, USB large-capacity storage music player, and MTP
* Show album covers and download lyrics from the Internet
* Play, extract or burn audio CD
* Automatic download of audio podcasts
* Browse and download the album from the Magnatune and Jamendo music stores
XMMS players running on all systems 4. Audacious

Audacious is a Beep-media-player and XMMS-based player. Since BMP developers focus on developing BMP, BMP development has stopped. However, Audacious developers inherit the BMP source code, on the basis of the BMP- fork a new mediaplayer --- Audacious. Audacious and Beep-media-player are very similar and compatible with their skins. And it depends on very few things, just a package. Its setting options are basically the same as Beep-media-player, but much simpler than XMMS, as long as the title encoding UTF-8 code conversion is set, there is no so-called Chinese problem.
XMMS (X Multimedia System) is a great multimedia player that can run on almost all systems, but it has some special features in linux. Multimedia files that can be played by XMMS include MP3, MOD, WAV, and some other input plug-ins. It is a free audio player running on many UNIX-like systems that is somewhat similar to Winamp but smaller than it.

XMMS can be called an excellent audio player in Linux and is a version specially designed for X-Window. Currently, almost all Linux distributions are pre-installed with XMMS. XMMS plays an important role in a variety of Linux playback software with powerful playback functions, changeable skin Skin and various magical plug-ins. It can be comparable to Winamp in Windows.
Audio Player software 6. Amarok running in LINUX and UNIX
Amarok is an audio player software running in LINUX or other UNIX-like operating systems. It is launched in the form of free software. In addition to playing music files, Amarok also provides many functions. For example, Amarok can manage music sets based on music types, singers, and albums. It can also add tags for many music formats, add lyrics, album covers, and automatically score the music you play. Therefore, the first execution of Amarok can scare some users. Some users think that the Amarok interface is not easy to use and use relatively simple music playing software, because many functions will hide other functions. A large number of features have also led to the criticism of consuming a large amount of resources or being swollen.

Amarok provides the following basic functions:
* Play the following different music file formats: FLAC, Ogg, MP3, AAC, WAV, WMA, and Musepack. However, note that Amarok does not play music with DRM.
* Apply tags to digital music files (currently Ogg, WMA, AAC, MP3, and RealMedia are supported ).
* Add the album art to the music album, and download the album art to
* Create and edit a playlist, including a smart and dynamic playlist. You can use the Amarok Script to provide scoring information and add the number of playlists to the songs.
* It can be synchronized, downloaded, played, and uploaded with some digital music players such as iPods and Creative Zens.
* You can obtain information about singers and search for lyrics in Wikipedia.
* Supports Last. fm.
* Podcast
Because Amarok is written in KDELibs and Qt, GNome users may find some problems. Exaile provides all the functions of Amarok, but it is a program based on gtk.
7. Banshee

Banshee is the official Gnome player. It is a fully functional music player that supports various formats of files. It even supports video file playback. Banshee also has MacOS and Windows versions, but the most stable version is the version running on Linux. The latest version is 2.4.0, which was released last month. This version is favored by many Linux enthusiasts. It can be said that it is the earliest player that Linux enthusiasts have come into contact.
Very "apple" Player SongBird 8. Clementine

Clementine is a simple cross-platform music playing software. Its Interface Design originates from the Multi-label design of KDE Amarok 1.4. Naturally, the software supports searching and managing the playback list of music libraries, integrating Spotify, Grooveshark, and Last. fm, SomaFM, Magnatune, Jamendo, SKY. fm, Digitally Imported, and Icecast Network Audio Service. Supports M3U, XSPF, PLS, and ASX list formats. Supports conversion between CUE, MP3, FLAC, CD, AAC, and OGG formats, it supports lyrics, covers, and introduction of musicians, and can also automatically complete the cover. In short, it is common and sounds powerful. In addition, versions 1.0.1 applicable to all platforms were released earlier.
9. Tomahawk

Tomahawk is the least famous among the three, after all, he only appeared in less than a year, but Tomahawk can represent the trend of music players, it is designed to provide a completely free online collaboration music tablet. I use the latest version 0.4.2, and I think the effect is very good (maybe I like to support the weak )!
10. SongBird
The first impression SongBird gave me was "apple" and iTune. It not only has the linux version, but also has the windows and Mac versions.

Compared with other music players, Songbird is the most unlike a music player. It integrates with a web browser, that is, you can browse the web page while surfing the Internet in songbird. When music appears on the web page, you can use songbird to capture it.
Summary: Linux players are not just these 10 types, but many other special players are not introduced here. It can be said that the playing function on Windows can also be implemented on Linux, the above are popular Linux players. You can install them.

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