Linux Mint (Application Software-menu tool: Start menu)

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Linux Mint (Application Software-menu tool: Start menu)

The most popular Linux Command is Mint. However, the Start menu is used when you need to work with software. Today, I will mainly introduce this menu.

What is the Start menu? Actually, it is a way of calling the menu in Mint. You can fully understand it as a menu of a certain type. This menu is located in the lower left corner of the window, which is similar to the Start menu on Windows. Therefore, I will call it the Start Menu.

The following is the Start menu. You can have an intuitive impression on it by watching the image.

The Start menu has four main areas:Common functional area, level-1 menu area, level-2 menu area, and search area. Next I will introduce these four regions respectively.

Common functional area

This area is located at the far left of the menu, as shown in ). Common Software or functions are available in this region. For example, the terminals we use every day, the firefox browser used for surfing the internet, and the function keys for shutdown.

Level 1 menu area

This area is located in the middle of the menu and is on the right of a common functional area, as shown in ). Menus in this area are collectively referred to as similar functional menus. There are multiple submenus under the menus. For example, an office menu is a general term for office software. It contains five level-2 menus, such as write.

Level 2 menu area

This area is located at the rightmost of the menu, as shown in ). The menu in this area represents an application or function. Click the menu to start the corresponding software or functions. The level-2 menu is usually hidden. When the cursor moves to the level-1 menu, the level-2 menu under the menu is automatically displayed.

Search Area

This area is located at the top of the menu, and there is only one search box in the area, as shown in ). Enter the application name in the search box, and the search result will appear in the Level 2 menu area. I especially like this feature. Sometimes, if some software is not frequently used, it may take a long time to find it. Search in the search area and you will find it immediately.

For the Start menu, I will make a summary:

It lists common functions separately, making it easier to use. It provides the classification function to classify software with similar functions into a level-1 menu, which can appear orderly. It provides the search function, which is very convenient for search software.

I will introduce the Start menu here. I will share some other tips later.

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