Linux Practical Skills: Mount ntfs device using ntfs-3g, practical skills ntfs-3g

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Linux Practical Skills: Mount ntfs device using ntfs-3g, practical skills ntfs-3g
1. Comparison of several file systems

(1) Support the following file system in linux:


Second, expand the File System(Ext2 or ext2 for short) has become the default file system of GNU/Linux many years ago. Ext2 replaces the extended File System (the predecessor of the "second generation ). It corrected some mistakes of its predecessor and broke some restrictions. Does ext2 comply with UNIX? Consistent standards for file systems. From the first day of its appearance, ext2 is destined to evolve while providing robustness and high performance.


The third extension file system can be seen from the name as the successor of ext2. It is compatible with ext2 and improvesLogs.

In the traditional sense of ext2, a major disadvantage of file systems is that they cannot withstand sudden system crashes (caused by power outages or software crashes ). In general, once the system restarts again, the last crash will cause the system to perform a long check on the structure of the file system and try to correct the error. These processes may sometimes cause problems to be partially expanded and eventually cause loss of some or all of the saved files. The preceding problems are solved using logs. For the sake of simplicity, assume that we actually execute a command (such as saving files)BeforeThe command has been recorded. This operation is just like the captain recording what happens every day in the Maritime log. All records are closely related file systems. After a problem occurs, the problem is quickly confirmed, and the final solution is limited to a very small scope. The time used to determine file system problems is proportional to the time used by the system, rather than the size of the file system. Ext3 provides a log file system while using the ext2 structure to ensure compatibility. This makes it easy to convert ext2 to ext3.


Unlike ext3,ReiserfsIt was created out of thin air. It is a log file system like ext3, but it is very different from ext3 in the internal structure because of the binary tree concept introduced from the database software.


JFS is a log file system designed and used by IBM. It was initially a private and closed system. But IBM later decided to open it to open-source software. It hasReiserfsSimilar internal structure.


XFS is a log file system designed by SGI. It is also used in Irix operating systems. It was initially a private and closed system, but then SGI decided to open it to open-source software. Its internal structure has many special features, such as support for real-time bandwidth, expansion, and cluster-based file systems (not included in the free version)

This is a comparison chart of several file systems:

(2) Use NTFS-3G:

We often encounter a USB flash drive or a mobile hard drive that accesses the file system ntfs on the linux system. It is difficult to mount the drive on each plug-in:

At this time we must use the ntfs-3g tool to mount the nfts file system device.
What is NTFS-3G?
NTFS-3G is an open-source project developed and maintained by Tuxera to provide NTFS-partitioned drivers for Linux. It can securely and quickly read and write Windows NT (including Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Vista) file systems.

Install ntfs-3g:

Configure and install:

Then we can check which nfts devices are currently available:

We can see that there are three ntfs devices in the hard disk/dev/sdc.

We try to mount/dev/sdc1 to/mnt:

We have successfully mounted and can read and write content to the device.

3. Summary

This tip allows us to mount ntfs devices to eliminate incompatibility between linux and windows.

In Linux, how does one not mount an NTFS-format mobile hard disk?

Install the ntfs-3g software and create a new folder under/mnt, such as the disk folder, and then use the mount command to mount the mobile hard disk to/mnt/disk.

The command is as follows (Make Sure You Have administrator privileges and have installed the ntfs-3g software ):
Mount-t ntfs-3g/dev/sdb/mnt/disk

Replace/dev/sdb with the device name of your mobile hard disk.

How does one automatically mount ntfs in linux?

You can use vi/etc/rc. local
You can just press the command for the information you mounted'
In this way, it will be automatically mounted every time it is restarted.

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