Linux Project and Transaction tracking tool Jira set up the detailed installation of Chinese

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1 , install the Java environment

[Java Environment installation Check out the Java environment installation]

2 , install the database and add the Jira database and user authorization

[See MySQL installation for MySQL environment installation]

Mysql> CREATE DATABASE Jira charactor set ' UTF8 ';mysql> grant all on jiradb.* to ' jira ' @ '% ' identified by ' jira123 '; mysql> flush Privileges;

3 , related packages and instructions

Atlassian-jira-6.3.6.tar.gz Jira installs the package, the decompression after the modification can start, inside integrates Tomcat.

Mysql-connector-java-5.1.38-bin.jar provides MySQL and Tomcat program connection data function

Jira-6.3.3-language-pack-zh_cn.jar the jar package, after the installation is completed in the background plug-in add and then set in the user settings in Chinese.

: Install package download

4 , Preliminary configuration

#/usr/local/jira/atlassian-jira/web-inf/lib Enter the directory to copy the Mysql-connector-java-5.1.38-bin.jar file to this directory, or the database cannot be connected later.

#useradd Jira to create Jira users, and then use that user for permissions, such as starting Jira directories, to improve security.

#tar XF atlassian-jira-6.3.6.tar.gz Decompression Jira

#chown-R Jira.jira atlassian-jira-6.3.6-standalone/group changed to Jira user

#mv Atlassian-jira-6.3.6-standalone/jira Easy to manage rename Jira directory

#mkdir jira_home Add the Jira_home directory, Jira will generate a cached file for the response in that directory.

#vim jira/atlassian-jira/web-inf/classes/ Specify the Jira_home directory added above in the configuration file

Jira.home =/usr/local/jira_home

5, start the configuration Web interface

#./ Start Jira Project

#ss-ntl to see if port 8080 is started

#tail –f. /logs/catalina.out Viewing the boot log

Http:// accessing the Jiraweb interface for configuration data

[After clicking OK, there will be a time when the process needs to create the database table structure required for JIRA in the database]

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6 , apply for licenses

Jira after the installation is complete, next select input I have a key. Enter the information. Back to Jira official application for a licenses.

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7 , Jira Mail configuration

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Error: An error had occurred with sending the test email:

com.atlassian.mail.mailexception:javax.mail.authenticationfailedexception:535 5.7.8 Authentication failed

Resolution: The above error occurred, mainly authentication failed certification failure, the need for appropriate user password. And then in the test.

8 , Chinese

Select User-system settings, plugins, upload plug-ins, select the Chinese-typed jar package to pass up.

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9 , login address:

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Ten , Jira Installation Summary

Jira installation sub-clockwise for-JDK installation configuration-jira decompression boot-mysql installation configuration-mysql-connectorjar Package Import-Install jira-request licenses-Chinese-mail configuration.

In the installation process, there are a few points to note that the first is the Jira_home directory needs to be new, or will be prompted to find the Jira_home directory, note that Jira home is not the Jira installation directory after decompression. The second is the Jira directory of permissions and Jira integrated tomcat, you need to change the directory permissions to Jira, otherwise, because of permissions problems caused unnecessary errors. The third is licenses application, licenses application login official need to turn over the wall, because the official verification code is using a Google authentication code system, need to access Google services, otherwise unable to brush out the verification code. Cracked part of my side for the time being not written. The last is the mail configuration, mail configuration Jira program for testing the message is more user-friendly, you can see in the test Message page sent after the status of the message. You need to check the settings section of the message and the account you want to send the mail to to open the relevant SMTP service.

PDF version of the above download: Linux under the project and Transaction tracking tool Jira set up the Chinese installation details. pdf

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Linux Project and Transaction tracking tool Jira set up the detailed installation of Chinese

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