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Defect tracking Tool JIRA and team collaboration with project management tools Conflunce

, build and publish good products, and thousands of teams around the world choose Jira, capture with Jira, organize defects, assign tasks, and track team activities.Advantage:JIRA Service Desk provides your customers with a simple and intuitive user experience with powerful SLA support, custom service queues, automated request management, and real-time reporting, which are powerful tools that more than 10,0

Linux Project and Transaction tracking tool Jira set up the detailed installation of Chinese

the official verification code is using a Google authentication code system, need to access Google services, otherwise unable to brush out the verification code. Cracked part of my side for the time being not written. The last is the mail configuration, mail configuration Jira program for testing the message is more user-friendly, you can see in the test Message page sent after the status of the message. You need to check the settings section of the

Comparative Analysis Report of defect management tools Jira and TD

the test process is to analyze the test results and determine whether the application is deployed successfully or needs to be tested again. Testdire regular charts and reports help you analyze data information at any stage of the test. Testdirector also provides a simple way to generate and send a formal test report in standard HTML or Word format. Test Analysis data can also be easily input into a standardized industrial reporting tool, such as Exce

Use JIRA to build an enterprise issue tracking system. PART1)

JIRA is a good business problem tracking tool developed by Atlassian, Australia. It can track and manage various types of problems, including defects, demand changes, and review records. When I selected the defect tracking tool, I

Build an enterprise issue tracking system using JIRA. PART5)

editing page, enter the expected resolution date, estimated workload, and modify the assignment person. You can also modify other attributes of a defect when assigning a defect. 2.You can use the "allocate" button for quick allocation only for the second allocation (when you do not need to enter the expected workload. 3.If you need to copy a defect to someone, u

Use JIRA to build an enterprise issue tracking system. PART4)

defect distributorDefect registrantAll owners of this defect The procedure is as follows: 1)Select "manage"-"Schemes"-"Notification Schemes" to go to the "Notification Schemes" page. 2)Copy the Default Notification Scheme and change it to the appropriate name (do not modify it in the Default permission Scheme) 3)Follow the instructions above to set the parameters.4.6 Set the interface design scheme

Visual defect tracking Management with Leangoo Kanban

Kanban boardsIf a product or project is large in size and different modules or subsystems are owned by different teams, a defect kanban can be created for each team. In addition, you can set up cycles for kanban, such as a monthly cycle, regularly analyze defect causes and distributions, and speed of team defect processing.2) Classification by tagsIn Leangoo, we

Project management tool Jira using custom bug Filters

Jira is a project and transaction tracking tool produced by Atlassian, and is widely used in the areas of defect tracking, customer service, demand collection, process approval, task tracking, project

The current popular Defect management tool _ Software test management

Defect Management Tools: 1. Bugzilla 2. Bugfree 3. TestDirector (Quality Center) 4. ClearQuest 5. JIRA 6. Mantis 7. Bugzero 8. BugTracker 9. Urtracker 10.KisTracker 11.TestLink 12, Jtrac 13, Bugnet 14, Bugonline 15, Etraxis One, Bugzilla (free, cross-platform) Bugzilla is a bug tracking system designed to help you manage software development. Bugzilla is an OPEN-

Five Java developers must-know error tracking tool

--filtering out important mistakes from complex information;Team collaboration--see which member is causing the Bug and which member is being repaired;External integration-including Hipchat, GitHub, JIRA, Pivotal and more than 30 kinds.Stackhunter is a self-hosted Java exception tracking tool that is currently in beta. It can notify developers of exceptions and h

Introduction to the test tracking tool Bugzilla

Maybe you have not yet seen the value of an error management system; maybe you are overwhelmed by a large amount of test data, and urgently need a good helper to record and track product defects; maybe you are constantly developing and improving an Error Tracking System through various methods such as workbooks and databases. Mozilla provides us with a shared free tool, buzilla. as a product

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