Comparative Analysis Report of defect management tools Jira and TD

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Comparative Analysis Report of defect management tools Jira and TD

I. Preface

Conduct a survey and trial of Jira tools, and conduct a detailed comparison and analysis with TD. The details are as follows.

II. Introduction

1. Introduction to Jira

JIRA is a commercial software that integrates project planning, task allocation, requirement management, and Error Tracking. JIRA has four types of problems: new feature, bug, task, and improvement. You can also define them by yourself. Therefore, JIRA is also a process management system. JIRA integrates project management, task management, and defect management. Many famous open-source projects use Jira.

JIRA is a popular Java-based management system. Because Atlassian provides defect tracking services for many open-source projects for free, it is widely used in the open-source field, its Cognition is much higher than other products, and it is easier to use. At the same time, open source is another feature. When users buy their software, they also purchase source code to facilitate secondary development. Because of its openness, the price is naturally quite high. For small and medium-sized software enterprises to do project management, it is necessary to find another way out.

Function list:

  • Problem tracking and management (problem types include new feature-new function, bug-defect, task-task, improvement-improvement );
  • Analysis Report on problem follow-up;
  • Project category management function;
  • Component/module owner function;
  • Project email address function;
  • Unlimited workflow.

2. TD Introduction

Testdirector is the first web-based testing management system in the industry. It can coordinate testing across the world within your organization. By providing and integrating test requirement management, test plan and use case management, test schedule control, test execution, and defect tracking in an integrated application system, testdirector greatly accelerates the test process.

Function list:

  • Domain and project management;
  • User management;
  • Project customization (attributes and lists, users, user groups, versions, workflows, email notifications, etc );
  • Test Requirement management;
  • Test Plan and use case management;
  • Test schedule control;
  • Test execution and defect tracking.
  • Powerful statistical analysis function.

Iii. Advantages and Disadvantages of Jira

1. Advantages of Jira

Use it to manage projects, track tasks and bugs, and collaborate with notifications through Jira's email notification function. In actual work, the work efficiency is improved a lot, and the results are very good! The ultimate in security and scalability!

JIRA is not just a defect tracking system. Through Jira, it can integrate customers, developers, and testers to perform their respective duties. The information will soon be exchanged and fed back, it makes everyone feel that software development is going smoothly and quickly and moving toward the expected goal. The Jira plug-in under idea mainly serves developers and provides feedback to developers in real time. developers can also quickly feedback the repaired results to the tracking system, finally, through continuous integration, the software is updated quickly, and these convenient operations will greatly inspire all personnel in the software development, including customers, to respond in a timely manner, I believe that every customer will appreciate it.

Compared with testtracker, ClearQuest, and testdirector of similar software products, JIRA has the best cost effectiveness! Because testtracker, ClearQuest, testdirector, and other software are priced based on the number of root users, Jira does not limit the number of users! There is no limit on the number of created projects and the number of issue! Free version updates within one year !!

2. disadvantages of Jira

Test requirements and test cases are not managed directly.

Iv. Advantages and Disadvantages of TD

1. Advantages of TD

Testdirector can remove inter-organizational and inter-regional barriers. It allows testers, open personnel, or other IT personnel to communicate test messages in different locations through a central data warehouse. Testdire streamline test process jobs-from test requirement management to test plan, test schedule, test execution and tracking after an error can be completed only in a browser-based application.

Powerful statistical analysis: the last step in the test process is to analyze the test results and determine whether the application is deployed successfully or needs to be tested again. Testdire regular charts and reports help you analyze data information at any stage of the test. Testdirector also provides a simple way to generate and send a formal test report in standard HTML or Word format. Test Analysis data can also be easily input into a standardized industrial reporting tool, such as Excel, reportsmith, Crystal Reports, and other types of third-party tools.

2. disadvantages of TD

In earlier versions, the project management process cannot be configured flexibly, and because of its high cost, there are not many enterprises currently using it.

V. Current usage

1. Jira usage

Specialized software for international defect Tracking Management: Jira, used to help companies and teams track issues at work, manage and record the handling processes of these issues. JIRA is now widely used by over 2000 organization managers, developers, analysts, testers and others in 35 countries.

2. Usage of TD

In the industrial software project field, mercury is the leader in the testing software field (such as LoadRunner and winrunner). Therefore, its TD has become the benchmark product of the defect tracking system. It is also the earliest defect tracking software to manage through web, which is also widely used in the industry.

Vi. Comparative analysis and summary

Comparison points JIRA TD
Function focus Integrates project plans, task assignments, requirement management, and Error Tracking. It is mainly used for test process management, including test requirements, test plans and use cases, test execution and defect tracking management.
Custom Process Supported Supported
Support for charts, reports, and queries Analysis reports for problem follow-up, but the report analysis function is relatively simple Provides powerful report analysis functions to analyze and report each link of the test process in charts.
Price JIRA software does not limit the number of users Price based on the number of users
Scalability Provides secondary development with high scalability Average
Technical Support Agent and technical support in China Agent and technical support in China
Applicable Platform JIRA can run on existing software and hardware platforms. He can run on allOperating SystemAnd can be compatible with almost all JDBCDatabaseUse together Generally usedWindowsPlatform
Ease of use Easy to use Easy to use
Flexibility High flexibility Average
Security High Security Average
Email Notification supported? Supported Supported
Whether user management is supported Supported Supported
Easy to customize Easy to customize Easy to customize

In fact, from the comparison and analysis above, the two tools have different focuses. Jira focuses more on Defect tracking and project management, while TD focuses more on test process management, therefore, we should consider how to better integrate the two tools with the current project management and quality management work, and apply these two tools to their respective important points.

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