Build an enterprise issue tracking system using JIRA. PART5)

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4.7     Interface

1.Configure overall attributes

   Set the default language, Title, and other information on the interface.

   The procedure is as follows:

1)Select "manage"-"Global Settings"-"General Configuration" to go to the "Settings" page.

2)Click the "Edit Configuration" link and modify the settings as follows on the page.

2.Configure external interface properties

4.8     Others

1.Modify timeout settings

   Modify atlassian-jira/WEB-INF/web. xml


Change the time required for 60 minutes.


2.Set automatic backup

   Set a daily backup.

   The procedure is as follows:

1)Select "manage"-"System"-"Services" to go to the "Services" page.

2)In the "Add Service" section, enter the following information:




Backup Service


Com. atlassian. jira. service. services. export. ExportService


1440 (24 hours)

3)Click the "Add Service" key to go to the "Edit Service: Backup Service" interface. Enter the following information and click the "Update" key to complete Service settings.



Directory name

F: \ JiraTemp \ backup

Date format






5                 Project Settings

1.Create a project


2.Create a module


3.Select a permission Scheme

   The procedure is as follows:

1)    Select "manage"-"Projects"-"Projects" to go to the "Project: Project name" page.

2)    In the "Permission Scheme" section, click the "select scheme" link and select the required Permission setting Scheme on the page.


4.Select the interface design scheme

   The procedure is as follows:

1)    Select "manage"-"Projects"-"Projects" to go to the "Project: Project name" page.

2)    In the Field Layout Schemes section, click the "manage" link to go to the "Manage Field Layout Scheme Associations" page.

3)    Click the "Add Association" link in the "Bug" line and select an appropriate interface design scheme. Perform similar operations on other types of problems


5.    Select workflow settings

   The procedure is as follows:

1)    Select "manage"-"Projects"-"Projects" to go to the "Project: Project name" page.

2)    In the "Workflow Scheme" section, click the "select scheme" link and select the Workflow configuration Scheme on the page.


6.Create a user and assign a user group

  System permissions are assigned as follows:

● Project Manager: Assigner + Developers + jira-users

● Module owner (defect allocation personnel): Assigner + Developers + jira-users

● Developers: Developers + jira-users

● Tester: Testers + jira-users

● Other project team members (such as SCM): jira-users

● Persons other than the project: Anyone


7.Set the project's Default Assignee

   By default, the project manager is assigned to the project owner. You can select the module owner by default as needed.

   The procedure is as follows:

1)    In the "Components" section on the Project page, click the "select assignees for components" link to go to the "Select Component Assignee" interface.

2)    Select the default module owner.


8.Create version


9.Select email notification Solution


10.Set System Mail sender


   After completing the preceding steps, you can register questions (such as defects and demand changes.

6                 System Requirements

1.When assigning a defect to a project, you must edit the defect. On the editing page, enter the expected resolution date, estimated workload, and modify the assignment person. You can also modify other attributes of a defect when assigning a defect.

2.You can use the "allocate" button for quick allocation only for the second allocation (when you do not need to enter the expected workload.

3.If you need to copy a defect to someone, use the watch function to add a watch person.

4.When a developer accepts a defect, click the "Accept this defect" link in the "Optional Workflow" section.

5.After the developer solves the defect, click the "resolve defect" link in the "Optional Workflow" section.

6.Each time a developer processes a defect, the developer needs to click the "finish record work" link in the "work log" section of the "operation" section and fill in the "time spent" and "work description ".


      Follow these steps to create a problem tracking management system using Jira.

7   FAQ             

Q: After JIRA is installed, the newly added data is displayed as garbled characters in Chinese.

A: This is the problem that occurs when the data source connects to the database, you can modify the url on the xml file of the configuration data source to useUnicode = true & characterEncoding = UTF-8 to solve.

That is, if the mySQL-ds.xml is a data source profile, put:

Jdbc: mysql: // localhost: 3306/test


Jdbc: mysql: /// localhost: 3306/test? UseUnicode = true & characterEncoding = UTF-8


Q: How can I change the Default Assignee of a Project from Project lead to component lead?

A: Go to the Management page, select A project, click the "select assignees for components" link in the "module" field, and select the automatic module allocation method on the page.


Q: How can I cc Mail notifications?

A: You can use the watch staff who added the problem to implement this function. Set the Manage Watcher List permission for the corresponding user/user group.


Q: How can I directly view the vulnerability by clicking the vulnerability link, instead of logging on to it first.

A: There are two solutions to this problem. First, set the user group anyone permission to Browse Projects. The second option is to select the "Keep me logged on to this computer" check box on the logon page.

8 Appendix: defect tracking process

9 Appendix: demand change tracking process


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