Linux Storage technologies and applications: Configuring iSCSI Services and application examples

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Experiment: Configure the iSCSI service, (service 4.103, customer 4.254/4.100)

Add a new hard disk first

FDISK-CU/DEV/SDB # Enter disk partition mode

Enter the following information in the partition mode: partition

-N #新建分区

-P #创建主分区

1 #第一个分区


+1G #第一个分区大小

W #保存并退出

LSBLK can discover that a new partition already exists

Mount/dev/sdb1/var/lib/mysql #挂载新分区到mysql数据库

Start the MySQL service to create a library table and other information

Configure the service side:

Server-side installation of iSCSI packages (requires three hosts, one service side, two clients)

Yum -y install SCSI-target-utils


<target> #定义存储名
Initiator-address #定义客户端IP
Initiator-address #定义客户端IP

/ETC/INIT.D/TGTD start Chkconfig TGTD on #启动并设置开机启动服务

Tgt-admin-s View effective information (appears LUN1 indicates success and has ACL client IP record)

Configure two clients: (need to use MySQL to do the experiment, so to install mysql-server)

Yum-y Install Scsi-initiator-utils #安装mysql和scsi包

Man Iscsadm #由于命令过长用man Open the Help file to find the commands under the examples list
Iscsiadm--mode Discovery--type sendtargets--portal #客户端探测服务器共享 (fill the server-side IP)

Iscsiadm--mode node--targetname #登入共享存储

/ETC/INIT.D/TGTD lsblk #发现共享存储/DEV/SDB1 can be formatted and used for partition mount (note:

Note: It is absolutely impossible to mount the shared store on both hosts, or it will cause a file system crash!!! )

iSCSI Service Application instance (MySQL)

First, configure the application server

1 , install on two storage clients MySQL

# yum Install-y mysql-server

2 , the ISCSI shared storage Mounts to MySQL The Data directory


/etc/init.d/mysql start

Create a database table and add content

Second, the simulation of the first database server failure

1 , stop the first server mysqld Service

# Service Mysqld Stop

2 , uninstalling shared storage


Third, start the mysqld on the second server

1 , Mount shared storage


2 , start the service

# service Mysqld Start

3 , test whether the database created by the first server can be used

Linux Storage technologies and applications: Configuring iSCSI Services and application examples

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