Linux system Transport Koriyuki Subversionedge deployment

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First, Introduction

  Subversion Edge is an SVN management tool that CollabNet Inc. releases with components such as SVN and Apache. Due to the installation of Subversion+apache, found that add accounts need to login server configuration, and Subversionedge has a ready-made web management interface, so write this article records.

Second, download

  Official address: Https://

You need to register CollabNet account when downloading, here I choose is Linux version: collabnetsubversionedge-5.2.0_linux-x86_64.tar.gz

Way: wget Linux-x86_64.tar.gz

JDK environment Download, the JDK1.8 used here

Mode: wget--no-check-certificate--no-cookies--header "Cookie:oraclelicense=accept-securebackup-cookie"/http

Third, installation

  Installation is quite simple, just need to note that the service to start with a non-root user, the use of root user startup will be error.

Create user

  Create user admin and give sudo permission

[[email protected]Devops01 soft]# useradd admin[[email protected]passwd  admin[[email protected] -devops01 soft]# vim/etc/sudoers>>>>admin   all =(all)       Nopasswd:all <<<<
Configuring the JDK

  Install JDK and add to global variables

[Email protected] soft]#Tar-XF jdk-8u131-linux-x64.Tar. Gz[[email protected]-devops01 soft]#MVJdk1.8.0_131/usr/local/[[Email protected]-devops01 soft]# cd/usr/local/[[Email protected]-devops01 local]#LN-S JDK1.8. 0_131 Jdk[[email protected]-devops01 local]# vim/etc/ Profile>>>>#Java_Homeexport Java_home=/usr/local/Jdkexport CLASSPATH= $CLASSPATH: $JAVA _home/lib: $JAVA _home/jre/Libexport PATH= $JAVA _home/bin: $JAVA _home/jre/Bin: $PATH<<<<[[Email protected]-devops01 local]# Source/etc/profile
Installing Subversionedge

  Switch to admin account and create a new directory to place Subversonedge

[Email protected] ~]$mkdirOpt &&CD Opt[[email protected]-devops01 opt]$Tar-XVF collabnetsubversionedge-5.2.0_linux-x86_64.Tar. gz [[email protected]-Devops01 opt]$ CD csvn[[email protected]-devops01 csvn]$sudo Chownroot:admin/home/admin/opt/csvn/lib/httpd_bind/Httpd_bind[[email protected]-devops01 csvn]$sudo chmodu+s/home/admin/opt/csvn/lib/httpd_bind/Httpd_bind[[email protected]-devops01 csvn]$sudoBin/csvn-httpdInstalldetected RHEL or fedora:installing the Subversion Edge Apache Server daemon. [[Email protected]-devops01 csvn]$sudo-E Bin/csvnInstalldetected RHEL or fedora:installing the csvn Console daemon. Setting Run_as_user to:'Admin'. Please edit'.. /data/conf/csvn.conf' ifThis needs to is adjustedsetting java_home to:'/USR/LOCAL/JDK'. Please edit'.. /data/conf/csvn.conf' ifThis needs-be adjusted
Configuration Management

  Access http://<IP>:4434/, account password Admin/admin

Install the navigation tips for modifications, configured as follows

Create a project

With regard to permissions, the project is created by default, and the project is globally readable and writable;

The basic permissions are configured as follows, detailed reference:

Browser access

  The browser directly accesses the project as follows, other such as the Subversion client configuration as usual.

Linux system Transport Koriyuki Subversionedge deployment

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