Looking forward to the open-source Service Fabric and servicefabric

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Looking forward to the open-source Service Fabric and servicefabric

Microsoft's Azure Service Fabric official blog published a Service Fabric blog on November 3.24. net sdk goes open source introduces the open source Situation of the most popular Service Fabric in the community and the current situation. This open source of Service Fabric. net sdk, mainly including:

  • Reliable Services and Reliable Actors
  • ASP. NET Core Service Fabric integration

The blog says that this open source is the beginning. This project depends on many internal development tool processes of Microsoft, and various preparations need to be made for the open source. At present, the development still uses the internal process tools of Microsoft, the latest code pull will be sent to github. In addition, Microsoft opened the service fabric project on github at the address conference, which could surprise us:

Service Fabric can break down applications into Microservices. These microservice components can be independently updated and maintained in their own infrastructure. These microservice components can also be stateful. This is a dedicated stunt and there are no competitors in this field. Microsoft is also using Service Fabric technology. Services in Azure, including Skype, Azure SQL database, Event Hubs, DocumentDB, Cortana, and Azure Stack, use Service Fabric technology, we look forward to its open source.

Service Fabric brings the following benefits:

  • Supports creating stateless and stateful microservices and scaling them through the cloud platform to cope with high complexity, low latency, and data intensive situations
  • Application-level perception and insight bring the advantages of orchestration and automation to microservices
  • Solve the difficulties such as status management in distributed systems, and provide developers with the application lifecycle management capabilities so that the system architecture does not need to be reconstructed as the business grows.
  • Related tools will be integrated into Visual Studio, and corresponding command line tools will also be provided, so that developers can quickly and easily put to the ground
  • At the same time, it supports. NET and Java. This feature is especially suitable for the current domestic investment in the. NET platform. It was fooled to climb the Java thief ship and saw. NET Core, and wanted to come back.

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