m# part of the new features into C # 7.0, Microsoft's new system Midori into wavefront

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The famous Walkingcat (h0x0d,msdn account felix9) has found the latest news about C # and Microsoft's new system in a long-term study.

According to Walkingcat, a former m# developer Jared Parsonswrote, m# will incorporate some of its features into the C # 7.0 version. m# is an extension of the C # language to build on the Microsoft Next Generation system Midori (associated with Singularity OS) itself and related applications, designed to enhance reliability and performance.

But according to Walkingcat's previous tweets, the Midori project can basically determine the lockout, most of the employees have left Microsoft, and the resulting m# project does not have much reason to continue. Fortunately, according to the information disclosed by Jared Parsonswrote, some of the outstanding features implemented in m# will eventually be combined with a new version of C #. At the same time, he said, these features now appear to be only in the trial phase, and do not guarantee the eventual full presentation, and now his first priority is to follow the existing C # team to complete Visual Studio 2015 and Roslyn, followed by the implementation of the C # 7.0 prototype design work.

Outside of Midori, Microsoft was exposed to media outlets such as Barrelfish, Helios, Singularity, drawbridge, Safe OS, and other non-Windows (NT-Kernel) operating systems, and eventually most of these systems were integrated into one group. In fact, the purpose of Microsoft's organization of these research (rather than product-oriented) teams is to think in ways other than existing windows, and eventually integrate the answers as features and new designs into Windows.

According to ZDNet Mary Jo Foley, the Midori team merged with the Microsoft "One Microsoft" reorganization strategy to incorporate the OSG operating system department led by Terry Myerson, a system that was first exposed in 2008 to distribute computing and cloud computing (Consistent with current market environment trends) features are incorporated into the underlying system design, while m# is intended to transform C # into a language that really can write the operating system, seeking a balance between security and performance. Walkingcat, however, had seen information about the new project "Wavefront" (now deleted) from Midori members Svitlana Tumanova's LinkedIn profile, which also included researchers from some other former Midori projects. (Mary Jo Foley responded that she had not heard of information about the project)

In fact, drawbridge, M Sharp, Midori are all Microsoft's attempts at Cross-platform, general-purpose computing. Drawbridge, as a library OS, wants to find a way to apply virtualization across platforms beyond the existing "virtual machine" mode, while Midori and m# are ready for a new shared computing service that is inherently cross-platform capable of cloud services and the Internet. With. NET-related components, as well as Microsoft's collaboration with Xamarin (formerly the mono of the former C Sharp Cross-platform project), is still in progress from the outset of the Windows NT design.

There's no need to negate Steve Ballmer, after all, Windows NT was born under his direct leadership, but Satya Nadella in a distinctly better era.

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