Mac Mini redo system and macmini redo System

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Mac Mini redo system and macmini redo System

Mac Mini redo system-reuse of Network notes two years ago

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1. Clear all settings of the mini, no matter whether the monitor is on or not


Connect to the wired keyboard, hold down win + alt + r + p, and click power on (specially spent 25 yuan to buy a USB wired keyboard, done in minutes, wireless keyboard does not work at all !)


Press and hold on until you have restarted the music six times. Then, the screen will be displayed normally.


2. Restore the Lion Operating System


Win + r, recover the system, yesDownload from the InternetAnd only this method is available (it is best to plug in the RJ45 network cable and download it for 7 hours, otherwise it will take 23 hours, which is also related to your network speed !)

How to reinstall the mac mini System


How to reinstall the Mac mini system and Mac

You also need an external keyboard .. Then, press and hold Option + Command + R at startup to start recovery. You can choose to reinstall the system ....

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