Mac OS Install boost

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Just started learning which Luo Jianfeng's "Boost Library full development guide", there are some problems and solutions under Mac OS under boost.

Environment: OS Yosemite (10.10.3)

Xcode:version 6.3


Operation Steps:

    1. Download boost and unzip;

    2. / Install;

    3. Configure in Xcode (console engineering), build setting Add header search Paths and library search Paths (Installation path for step 2), build phases in link Binary with Libraries add LIBBOOST_SYSTEM.A;

    4. Test: Mian function in # include "Boost/asio.hpp", compile.

Error Dyld:library not loaded:libboost_system.dylib referenced from:/users/shaunyi/library/developer/xcode/ Deriveddata/learningboost-djvlfrwiebzlncahwbsrniqfduuu/build/products/debug/learningboost reason:image not found;

You can compile successfully after adding libboost_system.dylib, but the following error will occur when executing: dyld_fatal_error

Cause: Because the XCODE5 completely switched to LLVM and discarded gcc, the boost library compiled with the old version of GCC will have the error of the load library (Dylib/dlopen??? Not too clear why), so you have to recompile the library with LLVM, preferably compiled to static.


Use the following command when compiling the Boost library:./ toolset=clang;./b2 Toolset=clang--without-mpi cxxflags= "-arch i386-arch x86_64- fvisibility=hidden-fvisibility-inlines-hidden-std=c++11-stdlib=libc++-ftemplate-depth=512 "linkflags="-stdlib= Libc++ "link=static Stage Install

Mac OS Install boost

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