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Referring to Apple's Power Macintosh, many people thought first of all about the powerful Macintosh, a model of friendly human-computer interface. As early as the 1984 L month launched, it brings users a new concept and technology-graphical user interface, people can not only use keyboard commands to operate the computer, you can also use the Mouse screen menu, windows, icons, etc., in its more than 10 years of continuous development in the process, formed a number of important ideas: easy to use ; Easy to run, easy to customize, easy to integrate, and so on. To better help users take full advantage of Power Macintosh's powerful capabilities, Macworld has assembled 17 top-level Mac experts to fully explore the functional features offered by Macworld, summarizing 101 skills, Help users to operate Macworld more easily and achieve high efficiency.

Primary application Skills

1. Hot Link Page Preview

If you use a program that does not have print preview, you can download a DeskWriter 500 series driver from the website to add print Preview to the software. After installing the appropriate software and restarting the MAC, you need to select the DeskWriter icon in Chooser and then print. Then click on the Preview button to preview the file.

2. Remove the space between the words should be connected together with the text or numbers are hard to separate is very unsatisfactory, leading to this situation because the number can not just on the same line. Many software allows users to use "nonbreaking space" to ensure the continuity of the text. To bring together text or numbers that should be connected, you can type Option+spaceber between two text

3. A step to create a stand-in using the Create Alias command, do not need to copy files or programs can be used in different places at the same time, save valuable disk space, first select the Action object, and then execute the "make alias" command, you can create an alias file next to the original file. When you press the Command+option key, you can drag the double to any desired place, and a curved arrow appears below the cursor, indicating that a stand-in is being built.

4. Eliminate Background window

When the window is in the background state, the window hidden box disappears, and double-clicking its title bar expands the window again. If the window is part of the currently active application, it will remain in the background.

5. Easy to drag and drop windows

Rough boundaries around Mac OS 8 windows are not just for decoration, you can grab the window anywhere along the rough edge of the window and drag it to where you want it.

6. Close the window

With Command+w, you can close a Finder window and use commalld+option+w to close all finder windows. In Mac OS 8.1, Command+shift+w can not only close a pop-up window, but also eliminate its label. Command+option+shift+w can close all windows and eliminate the label for all windows.

7. Select Color

Do you need to capture colors from other software applications? There's no problem with using Mac OS 8 to do this, first open the Apple Color Picker, click option, and get an eye-sign tool that can help you try any color on the screen.

8. Zoom window

Alt-click the title bar of any enlarged window to reduce the window of an application. Instead, you can enlarge all the windows of the application by holding down the option key and double-clicking the title bar of the indented window. You can zoom out all windows of the application by holding down the option key while clicking the Front window Zoom box (the window will be magnified if the front window is already indented.)

9. Hide a button in OS8

To conveniently place a button over another button in the Mac OS 8 finder (This is a good way to hide the button), select "V1ew Options" in the View (Vlew) menu and select "AlWays Snap to Grid". Put the "Cover" button on top of the button you want to hide, and in order to cover it completely, make sure that the length of the overlay button is greater than the name of the hidden button.

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