Master Lu's energy saving and cooling function evaluation

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Hot summer, most of the time we prefer to stay at home, the most enjoyable thing is to turn on the computer, watching a two movies, play a game of two games DotA ...

However, friends in the summer when using computers, must remember to give love to rest and cooling time, especially the use of laptop friends, must have noticed that when watching high-definition movies or playing large 3D games, the cooling fan will run violently, and make a lot of noise, and worse, May cause a direct panic or reboot after a long period of use.

Here, to introduce a auxiliary cooling tool-Master LU.

If you use Master Lu, you must be impressed by the master's hardware detection and temperature monitoring function.

Master Lu also has a powerful function-energy-saving cooling. As with other auxiliary cooling software, Lu master also by monitoring the use of computers, CPU and GPU operation frequency regulation, so as to reduce calorific value. The difference is that Master Lu has a precise temperature measurement system, and provides intelligent cooling and overall cooling mode for users to choose their own choice, the effect of cooling, let us actually test.

Test Platform Hardware Environment

Test Platform Software Environment

To ensure optimal stability of the system platform, the operating system used for this test is the Microsoft Windows7 SP1 (64bit) Professional Edition. The temperature test uses the "Temperature monitoring" function of Master Lu.

Audio-Visual Test: The player chooses the Storm Audio 5 official edition, the piece source uses the recent hot blockbuster "Die Dragon Wei 5" (BD HD 1080p).

Game test: 3D Game selection Belarus wargaming company launched the war Games "tank World", in 64-bit environment, can be set to the highest effect.

Simulation Application Scenario Test

1, first into the BIOS to turn off the Intel Automatic frequency reduction, at the same time the power plan to select High-performance programs, to avoid the system automatically adjust CPU and GPU frequency;

2, then respectively in the energy-saving mode shutdown, intelligent cooling and comprehensive energy-saving mode, to browse the web, watch high-definition movies and 3D games each 15 minutes;

3, the use of LU master temperature monitoring, the CPU temperature and graphics card temperature of the highest, the minimum value and average statistics.

General scenarios (browse the Web):

HD Video scene:

3D Game Scene:

Temperature mean comparison:

Test Summary:

1, from the test results can be seen, Lu Master energy-saving cooling effect is very obvious, and overall energy-saving than intelligent cooling effect better. However, according to the actual test situation, in the overall energy-saving mode, 3D game frame number of a certain degree of decline, and the intelligent cooling mode has little impact;

2, in the general application scenario to open energy-saving mode to bring the cooling effect is the smallest, and in HD AV and 3D Game application scenario, open energy-saving temperature control is very effective, recommended that everyone use.

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