Megatech.megacad.3d 2d.v2014.win32_64 Computer Aided design software

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Megatech.megacad.3d 2d.v2014.win32_64 Computer Aided design software
megatech.megacad.3d.v2014.win32_64 2CD Computer Aided design software
Megatech.megacad.2d.v2014.win32_64 2CD
Megacad is a set of excellent computer aided design software, which is developed by the German Megatech software BMGH Company, MEGACAD provides Chinese interface
, icon menu, mouse operation, Chinese character hint, support DOS, Windows, WindowsNT, LAN, UNIX and various kinds of printer, plotter and monitor hardware, memory
It is only 640K and can be operated on all computers with more than 286. MEGACAD provides a meofig module for users to define their own hotkeys, Megacad all commands can be hot
Key representation. MEGACAD offers 47 dimensioning methods, which can be used to mark both mechanical dimensions and architectural drawing sizes.


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The MEGACAD offers three-dimensional features, which can be used with four projection modes, and can be defined at any angle. With the Megacad 3D icon, you can easily create an axis-side graph and
Color, a total of 16 colors to choose from. MEGACAD provides "macro" function, the user does not need programming, still can do the library, WYSIWYG, and MEGACAD macro diagram
The label indicates that the user can save all or part of the existing graphic as a "macro", which can be called at any time, to indicate that the "macro" file name may have 32 words, enough
expresses the word characteristics of a part. The auto-generating function of the parts provided by Megacad can automatically search all parts of this assembly drawing and statistic quantity, in the database of each part
Fill in the defined format with the extracted text information.

Megacad is used by design departments in a variety of industries, including construction, manufacturing, cartography, shipbuilding and civil engineering.

To meet the actual needs of the company's customers, Megatech wants MEGACAD to have the following features: rounded corners along 3D contours, variable radius fillets, and in one model
At the same time surface modelling and solid modeling.

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