Microsoft announces. NET development environment will open source support for three major operating systems (Windows,mac OS x and Linux) (RPM)

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Microsoft announced in Wednesday (November 13). NET Development Framework Open source program. The company intends to use this for a long time only in the development environment under Windows, open Source via GitHub, to enable cross-platform support for Mac OS X and Linux. According to Microsoft's announced plans, the company will be released next time. NET Development Framework, the entire server development environment, from ASP. 5 to common Language Runtime and base Class Libraries, will implement open source.

Developers can develop cloud-based in a multi-platform environment. NET applications, Microsoft is also committed to providing support for the. NET core server operating environment and framework on Mac and Linux systems in the future.

Microsoft Open source. NET development environment is a bet on future long-term development. Vice president of Corporate developer Department. Somasegar said, open source. NET will enable more developers to join the development platform, but also to make the present. NET developers for more users.

Microsoft is rapidly becoming a more open company. While it's not surprising that Satrana della, the company's CEO Satya Nadella, announced Microsoft's liking for Linux at the Windows 10 Preview conference, this is still a bold statement for Microsoft, a company that sees Linux as a threat to its core business.

At the same time, Microsoft also announced the free provision of visual Studio Community 2013. In order to achieve this goal, it has been working with the mono community. The mono community has been trying to turn the. NET Framework into an open standard, and now it's finally getting the. NET developer, Microsoft's support.

Microsoft was released 12 years ago. NET Framework, currently a total of 6 million developers are using it. The news announced today was further expanded. NET Framework, allowing developers to develop their own applications on the world's largest three operating systems using a common code base.

The free visual Studio Community 2013 is fully extensible and includes more than 5,000 plugins. Finally, as with Windows 10 Preview, Microsoft also offers Visual Studio 2015 preview and. NET 2015 preview.

Microsoft announces. NET development environment will open source support for three major operating systems (Windows,mac OS x and Linux) (RPM)

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