Microsoft publishes Windows Phone 8.1 Update and Chinese version of Cortana "Cortana"

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Windows Phone 8.1 is still in the push process, and its first GDR update was released. Today, Microsoft officially released the Windows Phone 8.1 Update and the Chinese version of cortana--"Cortana".

Windows Phone 8.1 Changed the way the GDR (general distribution Refresh) was named, using the same Update name as the Windows system. The new system adds support for CDMA + GSM dual sim, QHD (960 * 540) resolution, high-pass Flash 2.0, Smartphone protector (the official accessory like HTC one M8 and LG G3), and optimizes Bluetooth accessory support. In addition, the software provides native application folders. Native folders can be expanded directly from the start screen without having to jump as a standalone app like the Nokia app folder. The tiles in the folder also show their live tiles as a carousel.

With Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1 in the developer preview next week, there's also the Chinese version of Cortana, the Microsoft Cortana, beta version. The Chinese version of Cortana's smart voice assistant offers a number of services in collaboration with domestic service providers such as where to go, Ching, Iqiyi, Sina Weibo, and cool dog music. Users can use the "Iqiyi art, I want to see where dad went to the second season", "How to go to Conrad Hotel" directly open the app and navigate to the appropriate content page. At the same time Cortana will also (in the case of user authorization) tracking flight text messages to help users track flight dynamics.

The Microsoft China Internet Engineering Institute, which is responsible for the development of Serena, has created a new animated image that is different from Cortana's, with a new image of a yellow ellipsoid with large eyes that translates into cloud styling when querying data. The user can switch two images in the settings.

Based on live demonstrations, Cortana's Chinese dubbing is still in progress, and some feedback is still machine-modeled. But the Chinese version of Cortana will work with a number of live stars dubbing, for users to choose. Currently in progress dubbing has Zhanghao (its own internship in Microsoft) series. And so on, may milk tea sister's internship also contains similar work.

Via 36 Krypton & the Verge

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