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Siri, Google Now, and Cortana may not be able to beat Viv?

Siri, Google Now, and Cortana may not be able to beat Viv? I need to buy a bottle of wine on my way to my brother's house for the pasta. Let's talk to your voice assistant on your mobile phone to see if they will respond? Siri has been asking me "Are you going to a bar or a tobacco or liquor store ?"; Google Now recommends some links to Italian restaurants. If

Cortana xiaona: if you call him Siri, she will get angry too :)

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Apple iphone5s Siri how to use iOS7 Siri use method

First step, open Siri. 1. We need to open Siri first and find the "settings" icon in iOS7. 2. Then we find the "universal" option 3. Then in general, we find the Siri option. 4. Click on the switch to open Siri 5. Then the system will prompt "Siri will send our

About Microsoft Cortana Cortana (Android version)

About Microsoft Cortana, we all know that Microsoft released the world's first personal intelligence assistant. It "can understand the user's preferences and habits", "help users to schedule, questions and so on". Today I would like to introduce you to the Android version of Cortana.First of all, like the computer version of Cortana, the Android version of Cortana

How does iphone6 iOS8 activate Siri voice? Apple 6 Activates the Siri voice method

Activating the operation method is also very simple, we just click the following length of the home can be spoken to activate. So if we're going to activate Siri, we just say "Hey Siri" to the phone. So you'll find that it's activated, so let's try using Siri voice to publish Twitter. Bind Sina Weibo. First, we need to bind our Sina Weibo account in iOS7.

Apple 5s how to use Siri to send Weibo? IPhone5S the way to use Siri to send Sina Weibo

1 we will find the "settings" option on the iphone's main interface, and then click on the "Sina Weibo" option. (pictured below) 2 Select "Add Account", then enter your own Sina Weibo account and password, and through the verification of the landing. (pictured below) 3 We have successfully bundled the Weibo account on the iphone, then we have to open the Siri Voice helper and then press the home button to open the

Cortana Microsoft Natalie How Cortana detailed introduction

Cortana (artificial intelligence assistant developed by Microsoft) Cortana (Chinese name: Microsoft Natalie) is Microsoft released the world's first personal intelligence assistant. It "can understand the user's preferences and habits", "help users to schedule, answer questions, etc.". Cortana can be said to be Microsoft in the field of machine learning and arti

IOS8 Siri how to use? Iphone6 Siri use method

1. Open "Settings" on the phone 2. There is a "generic" as shown below. 3. Find the Siri column in the generic list and click Enter as shown in the figure 4. We may now open the Siri switch via the switch button. 5. Then we click on the "Enable Siri" effect below. 6. Then we just say a "voice activation" so that the Sir will start, if not to try mo

iOS7.1 Siri, how do you call? What if Siri can't make a phone call?

1. Click the "Settings" icon in the ios7.1 device. 2. Then click on the "generic" icon in the image above to enter. 3. We are now in general to find the Siri menu click. 4. Now that we're in the Siri interface, I'm going to turn off the Siri switch first. 5. In the confirmation prompt that pops up, we click the "Deactivate

Win10 Cortana how to song? How to use Win10 Cortana song

The WINDOWS10 system comes with a voice helper, Cortana, which helps us to better manipulate the computer. Now, Win10 Cortana officially supports the song! This feature is in conjunction with the Microsoft Groove Music app, and if you have the app pass, you can tell the DJ Cortana to play the singer, genre, album or specific song name in the Groove online music l

Mac OS Sierra where to open Siri Apple MacOS Sierra Open Siri method

Apple MacOS Sierra Open Siri method: Currently, the virtual helper is very useful in the desktop system, like its role in the iOS system, where users can easily start it with a keyboard shortcut. According to the report, if you are a developer and have installed the first beta version of MacOS Sierra, you may have tried the "Fn + SPACEBAR" shortcut key combination to open the Siri voice assistant, a

Win10 How to completely disable Cortana? Ways to completely disable Cortana

Http://'s how:Method One, use Group Policy to disable CortanaWith WIN10 Professional or Enterprise Edition users, you can use Group Policy to completely disable Cortana features:1. Use Windows + R shortcut to open "Run"-Execute gpedit.msc Open Group Policy Editor.2. Navigate to the Computer Configuration "-" Administrative Template "-"windows component "-" search.3. In the right panel, locate the "Allow

Microsoft publishes Windows Phone 8.1 Update and Chinese version of Cortana "Cortana"

Windows Phone 8.1 is still in the push process, and its first GDR update was released. Today, Microsoft officially released the Windows Phone 8.1 Update and the Chinese version of cortana--"Cortana".Windows Phone 8.1 Changed the way the GDR (general distribution Refresh) was named, using the same Update name as the Windows system. The new system adds support for CDMA + GSM dual sim, QHD (960 * 540) resoluti

WIN10 system How to set up hidden Cortana search box and hide Cortana

The default Cortana search box in the WIN10 system is displayed, and if you don't want to use it we can hide it, as shown below we'll show you: If you don't want to display the search box, you can set it: First, we now move to the search box right button, and then in the pop-up menu we click Cortana, and then we click "Show Cortana Icon" as shown in th

Python uses less than one hundred lines of code to implement a small siri, one hundred lines of siri

Python uses less than one hundred lines of code to implement a small siri, one hundred lines of siri Preface If you want to easily understand the core of feature computing, it is recommended to first look at my previous listening to the song music article, portal: This article mainly implements a simple command Word Recognition Program. The core of the algorithm is aud

Fix Win10 Cortana Cortana can't search for local files and apps

Before Cortana worked normally, after installing a security software optimization system, Cortana was unable to search for local apps and files, and all inputs were directed to the web search.Clicking on my profile will cause an error.View the service and discover that the Windows Search service is disabled.Change to Manual, problem solving.The reason for this is that security software optimization disables

IPhone 6 adjusts Siri voice gender and language? How ios8 adjusts Siri voice gender and language

The 1th step: We click "Set-General-siri" in Iphone6 to enter, the details are shown in the following figure The 2nd step: Whether you want to adjust the male voice or want to adjust the language, in the appropriate choice of the interface point. Friendly tips, as shown above we can set up a gender voice and the language of Hong Kong, we can also choose the language of other countries Oh, the following cloud habitat community small part

How to solve problems that Microsoft Cortana Cortana can't search

WIN10 integrated Microsoft Virtual Intelligence Assistant Cortana, support real-time fast search, if you need to quickly open the application, such as command line, drawing, Calculator, control Panel, etc., as long as the input can be opened directly, quite convenient, but recently found that the search function is sometimes not useful, This time just restart the explorer process can be, the reason is that the Explorer takes too many interactive actio

Cortana Cortana: What a fire, little Apple! For a while

Although she sang, but just a sentence ah!650) this.width=650; "title=" Wp_ss_20141011_0003.png "style=" height:409px;width:227px "src=" Wyfs02/m02/4c/6e/wkiol1q9l67cqi6kaaoewoza01g217.jpg "width=" 511 "height=" 851 "alt=" Wkiol1q9l67cqi6kaaoewoza01g217.jpg "/>This article is from the "Technical Hope Happy Point (MVP)" blog, please be sure to keep this source Cortana: What a fire,

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Cortana: Past and Present Cortana Cortana xiaona: Smart reminder "it's time to go" Cortana Ana: Flight reminder Cortana xiaona: if you call him Siri, she will get angry too :) Cortana

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