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Cortana (artificial intelligence assistant developed by Microsoft)

Cortana (Chinese name: Microsoft Natalie) is Microsoft released the world's first personal intelligence assistant. It "can understand the user's preferences and habits", "help users to schedule, answer questions, etc.". Cortana can be said to be Microsoft in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence. What Microsoft wants to achieve is that the intelligent interaction of mobile phone users with Natalie is not simply based on a storage-type question and answer, but a conversation. It will record the user's behavior and habits, using cloud computing, search engines and "unstructured data" analysis, reading and "learning" including mobile phone text files, e-mail, pictures, video and other data to understand the user's semantics and context, so as to achieve human-computer interaction.
A very simple example is that, if the mobile phone record of the calendar is going to attend the meeting, then do not need any action, Cortana will automatically transfer the phone to the conference status. This is also the beginning of Microsoft's research, from personal computers (personal computer) toward personal computing (personal computing). Microsoft Windows System leader Joe Belfiore (Cono) has confirmed Cortana implementation across platforms. Can be downloaded via the App Store and Google Play store.

First of all, the small orange can be Natalie to convenient use of QQ, small orange can:

1 send a message to QQ friends

Voice instruction: "QQ and Wu say dinner together Tonight" ...

2 Chat with friends, initiate voice, video call, send geographical location

Voice Command: "QQ find/and/with/with Wu chat/video chat/Voice call" ...

3 Turn on/off a function of QQ

Voice Command: "QQ on/Off/on/into sweep/Data cable" ...

4) Add QQ friends

Voice Command: "QQ Plus/Add/+ 1535180524 for Friends" ...

Then, in addition to purple accidents, there are the following features: project arrangement, query the weather, inquire about the stock, remind the vehicle limit line, search TV series, and localization application integration and so on, the scene triggers the reminder, like the caller to trigger and so on, the message extracts the information, like the flight information, the encyclopedia dictionary translation, such as asks Cambridge University, the micro- Non-intrusive functions, Natalie and Xiaoice can be interactive, interactive way of temporary confidentiality and so on.

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