Mobile Game Development Attack and Defense-1. Game Engine selection and mobile game development Attack and Defense Engine

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Mobile Game Development Attack and Defense-1. Game Engine selection and mobile game development Attack and Defense Engine

Now mobile games fire of a mess, engine is also endless in addition to leading the 3D market Unity3D, Duba 2D market Cocos2D-X, as well as illusory, Sphinx and so on, and even Sohu has developed a domestic Genesis-3D engine.

Others are not much, here mainly compare Unity3D and Cocos2D-X, to help you choose.

If you want to develop a 2D game with the foundation of one of C ++/C/LUA, then Cocos2D-X may be better for you. He is designed for 2D games and has rich source code, examples, and tutorial documents. You can get strong support from the community.

If you want to develop a 3D or 2D game, you have an object-oriented programming language (such AS Java, C #, and ). So Unity3D will be very suitable for you. Although he focuses on 3D, assetstore has a variety of plug-ins, making it difficult for you to quickly build a 2D game.

So how do I choose Unity3D and Cocos2D-X?

I naturally choose Unity3D:

1. Although you may be playing 2D games now, what if you want to do 3D games in the future? The cost for converting from 2D to 3D is very low with Unity3D.

2. Rich plug-ins.

3. Mature tools and powerful editor extensions allow you to easily customize the editor suitable for your project.

4. Powerful built-in performance analysis tools.

5. Almost all mainstream platforms are supported: WEB, Win, Mac, IOS, Android, XBox, PS3, and Wii.

6. Unity5 has a better lighting system, UI architecture, and support for Html5 release. It can be seen that the engine is developing at a high speed.

In the next chapter, we will use a free project as an example to explain the composition of the Unity3D project.

For Android mobile games, Which game engine is used by mt?

Hello ~ It seems that no specific information is disclosed on the Internet. After all, it is a trade secret.
Personal inferences are as follows:
My name is MT Android and IOS version, and almost launched in the same period, it is very likely to be written with a cross-platform engine, domestic more popular cross-platform engine has COCOS2D-X. The game company I previously used this engine to compile the engine and adjust the differences so that the platform can be used more,
Hope to help you ~

Is the design of a 3d Game mainly developed on the game engine?

1. of course, game engine development, that is, game client development, is very important. The general programming language is C/C ++/VC ++, and the 3D Game Development Kit: directx sdk, or OPENGL SDK
2. As an online game development, service program development, that is, communication server development, is very important. The client needs to communicate with the game server.
3. 3D modeling is also very important, which generally comes down to the work of the artist'
4. For more information, refer to my space articles.

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