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As transformed from shopping guide to e-commerce,'s IM came into being. At first, IM was only a tool for communication between sellers and buyers. Later, we asked ourselves, since we already have IM for customer service, why don't we make an IM for our internal communication tools to replace RTX, now we have the prototype of TT (TeamTalk). Now the IM tools inside are all completed by TT. With the gradual improvement of TT, we once again decided to open-source TT to give back to the open-source community. We hope that small and medium-sized enterprises in China can use free open-source IM internal communication tools.

Ios client description

TeamTalk is an open-source enterprise office instant messaging software. As a part of the entire system, the IOS client provides the TeamTalk client with services such as user logon, message forwarding, and storage. Currently, the IOS client supports the following functions:

  • Message sending,
  • Send Images
  • Send photo
  • Multi-Point Logon
  • Group chat
Structure Design Description

The client depends on three modules: DDMessageModule, DDGroupModule, and ContactsModule.

The DDMessageModule is mainly responsible for receiving and storing messages. The chat interface receives messages and the recent contact interface receives messages from this module.

The DDGroupModule manages recent contact groups.

ContactsModule manages recent contacts

DDTcpClientManager class is responsible for managing TCP sending and receiving

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IOS uses a block bug. For more information, see the following code.

Add _ block before _ videoDATA and _ userDATA creation.

Open class at Stanford University: Where is the source code for iPad and iPhone application development (iOS5) downloaded?

You Baidu searched for a lot of download addresses. It is not clear on which platforms to download them.

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