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Mobile China:In October 28, it was another day worth the android mystery. Google officially launched the android 2.0 system SDK (software development kit, used by developers to debug the system ), this will be the increasingly popular gphone, and the final launch time of Android 2.0 will be locked in early November. Currently, Android 1.6 is not fully popularized, followed by Android 2.0. The speed of Android system upgrade is amazing.

Android 2.0 is the biggest upgrade since Google launched its mobile operating system. Earlier Android 1.5 and 1.6 are only transitional products, mainstream gphone systems on the market are currently using Android 1.5 kernel systems. Android has played a very good role in promoting the popularity of gphone.

Compared with Android 1.5 and 1.6, Android 2.0 completely upgrades the system interface, further improves the system running speed, including native exchange mail support, and comprehensively integrates voice technology into the system. Before the official release of Android 2.0, we will use the android 2.0 test page to find out some mysterious latest gphone systems.

First, I summarized the most important feature upgrades for Android 2.0, a total of 15 items, as shown below:

1. Brand new UI

2. Native exchange support

3. Support for multiple Google accounts

4. Unified inbox appearance

5. Concept of new map program inclusion Layer

6. multi-touch

7. Browser Interface Improvement

8. Add a desktop widget for YouTube

9. Automotive interface mode

10. Amazon music changes

11. Change the contact list

12. faster speed, especially for browsers, and even faster than iPhone 3gs

13. browser with double-finger Scaling

14. Integrate Facebook and mobile phone contacts

15. Enhanced voice control throughout the system

At first glance, we can see the android 2.0 interface. Obviously, the system icons have been completely designed, text messages, emails, software stores, and browser maps in the figure are the most commonly used and representative gphone system icons. Compared with the previous icons, the figure adds more green elements.

Facebook, the most popular blog program on the back, is the same as the Exchange email service. It is more closely integrated with the Android system and the android native Facebook program is more useful.


Android 2.0 can now log on to multiple Gmail accounts at the same time. Previously, the android system can only log on to one account, which is not very convenient for users with multiple accounts.


MAP is one of Google's core services. Android 2.0 upgrades the map service and adds the "layer" function. The so-called layer indicates that different types of information such as transportation and Wikipedia entries can be displayed in Google Maps. Each type of information is classified into one layer. You can choose whether to display the content of the layer, you can use Google Maps to display different content as needed. This ensures that the content is required by the user and simplifies the map interface as much as possible.


According to the media introduction of the android 2.0 interface, the built-in map of Android 2.0 seems to support multi-touch, but the interface can be zoomed out with dual fingers, but cannot be zoomed in, in addition, you may not be able to zoom in or zoom out the icon visible on the map interface. The official version has not yet been officially unveiled, so it remains to be confirmed.


The android 2.0 Browser is upgraded from the outside to the inside. The website icon is displayed in the address bar, and a button for adding bookmarks is displayed on the right. The chrome interface is very concise, and more space is left for content display.


Flash 10 is still not supported, and there is no multi-touch, but you can zoom in or out the webpage by double-clicking the screen.



Android 2.0 is added with the YouTube desktop plug-in. This widget not only allows you to quickly access the YouTube video website, but also allows you to upload and photograph videos with one click. Click the shooting button in the middle to take a video. After the video is taken, enter instructions and Click Upload to quickly upload the video to YouTube.

From this interface, we can see that the setting menu of Android 2.0 has changed. The homepage feels that the font is not so big, and the gap between lines is more obvious. There is a small icon in front of each line, the setting content can be easily identified.

In addition to great changes in appearance and system options, the setting interface of Android 2.0 has some differences. What is more interesting is the text-to-speech setting, which can occur simultaneously when text is input, this has seen similar features in the home market. It seems that Google is also aware of the benefits of Android.



Android 2.0 has a built-in program named car home, which is actually an interface program. After startup, the mobile phone interface will become the following. This is an interface designed for using mobile phones during driving. The biggest feature is that the interface icons are larger and easier to operate with fingers. Including viewing maps, contacts, maps, etc. Users can even search for the desired location through voice. This is also the embodiment of speech technology throughout Android 2.0.

This is the appearance of the program list box. Generally, the gphone at the resolution of hvga (320x480 pixels) can display four lines of programs. The figure shows five lines. This shows the resolution of the model because of the WVGA level.

The changes on the android 2.0 contact page are impressive. A dialog box is displayed when you click a contact profile. The dialog box contains three options: phone number, SMS number, and contact details. Before Android 2.0, You need to click "open contact" to view detailed information. This makes it easier to skip the list interface.


In addition, we can see that the default unlock method has also changed. Drag the unlock icon to unlock, but compared to HTC's sense interface, this unlock method is still not the best, because the sense interface can be unlocked by clicking the drop-down in the middle of the screen without looking too much at the screen. In terms of the search function, Android inherits the global search function launched by Android 1.6. On the right of the search bar, you can see the logo of the Voice Search.


Looking at the commonly used dial-up interface, the android 2.0 button design is smaller, and the overall feeling is more refined, but the basic layout is the same. The desktop widget adds YouTube and the battery Control Widget added to version 1.6. The built-in widget consistency of Android is not very delicate, and so does it appear now. This gives more space for the Second Development vendor, such as HTC Sense and Moto blur.



Conclusion: Powerful Android for Google

Microsoft released Windows Mobile 6.5 and Google's brand new Android 2.0. From a historical point of view, Windows Mobile has a long history, but from an innovative point of view, Android makes users crazy, and the development of science and technology can never be immersed in history, low-profile Android is the real winner.

Currently, we cannot know the full picture of Android 2.0, but from the current search for these updates, Android 2.0 will certainly further promote the popularization of gphone, what we are looking forward to now is the android 2.0 Rom that can be used with a variety of gphone flash experiences. I believe that Google will soon bring about resolution, and the android mystery will be coming soon.


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