MVC recommended Tutorials and articles list

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Start getting Started

    • Getting Started with ASP. NET MVC 5 (total of 11)
    • Pluralsight ASP. NET MVC 5 Fundamentals (video tutorial)
    • Intro to ASP (compiled by Jon Galloway and Christopher Harrison)
    • Lifecycle of an ASP 5 application (PDF document depicts the life cycle of ASP. 5 applications)

Processing data working with

Getting Started with EF 6 Code first using MVC 5 (Tom Dykstra's in-depth understanding of EF's winning entries)

Safety security

  • Create an ASP app with Auth and SQL DB and deploy to Azure (This popular tutorial helps you build apps and add membership and role)
  • MVC 5 app with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google OAuth2 sign-on (This tutorial shows how to create an ASP. NET MVC 5 Web App that lets users use OAuth 2.0 certificates, which are provided from external authentication Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Microsoft or Google)
  • Create a secure ASP 5 Web App with log in, email confirmation and password reset about the identity series, code in resend a confi Rmation link.
  • ASP. NET MVC 5 app with SMS and email two-factor Authentication Series Second article
  • Best practices-deploying passwords and other sensitive data-to-ASP and Azure App Service
  • Two-factor authentication using SMS and email with ASP isPersistent . And and security cookie, requesting the user to use the authenticated mail account, before logging in, Signinmanager How to check compliance with 2FA requirements.
  • Account Confirmation and Password Recovery with ASP. NET identity provide a detailed description of the identity. Create a secure ASP. 5 Web App with log in, email confirmation and password reset and how to let users reset their forgotten passwords.


    • Create an ASP. NET Web App in Azure a short tutorial on deploying to Azure
    • Create an ASP app with Auth and SQL DB and deploy to Azure

Performance and Commissioning

Profile and debug your ASP. NET MVC app with Glimpse

More Resources

ASP. NET MVC Facebook Birthday App

MVC recommended Tutorials and articles list

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