My recent technical summary and Technical Summary

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My recent technical summary and Technical Summary

Recently, I have been busy with things all day. What is it? From the perspective of technical gains, I have not gained much new technical knowledge during this period.

First of all, I would like to summarize my old dongjia platform. To be honest, I think this platform is the easiest and best to use. Generally, we can achieve high productivity by developing on this platform, but a project we have recently experienced is really disgusting to me. What should I do? Is it a little malicious? Let me take it easy. I have a private project for this project. From the project function evaluation, the development can be completed in at most one month. However, it has been three to four months since the beginning and the end. Is the project not managed? Of course there is this reason. Aside from this, I 'd like to speak out. net, vistual studio 2013 update4 + windows 8.1 64-bit Professional Edition, full size of 6-7g ah, and then the installation process and it is easy to fail, do not know whether it is related to the computer. It's hard to install it. I'm so excited. Open VS and check whether it's a new home uap Project (General Project ). Okay, you can create a new one. It's okay to deploy it on your mobile phone or computer. Therefore, I think this environment is acceptable. I started project development. When the function development reaches a certain level, I found the configuration file to modify some images, application names, and other configurations, during the redeployment, a confusing system exception occurred. After a long time, I found a lot of solutions online, but I still don't know why? This means that the previous development work is equivalent to the white work, and it is a bit unwilling, but it is still reluctantly put down. Find the official website that provides the uap project, and use the template provided on the official website to create a project and continue the subsequent function development. It is also strange to say that the UAP project is based on the windows Kernel, so it can only be deployed on the wp8.1 system, which means that the previous wp7, wp8 system will not be able to install the application. Incompatibility is clearly one of the most disgusting issues, as well as changes in the development control library and development of third-party framework libraries.

Let's leave aside Microsoft's set of things. Let's focus on the android platform. To be honest, when we first started using the android platform, we felt like the sdk of this platform, are there other development methods quite strange? For example, the android project structure created in elicpse is strange to new users, at least for those who transferred from the. net platform like me. Where are all page la s? In the layout folder in the res folder, why? Can the layout folder display different pages for different functional module molecular folders like the. net platform? The answer is no, so if we want to find the problematic layout from n multiple layout, isn't it very difficult? Should we have a good time on one page? The answer is yes. Where are the background java files? Originally placed under the src folder, we can arrange java files hierarchically under this src folder, so the fastest way to find a page is usually the first-level jump logic in the java class. Since the layout and java files in android are separated, how are the two linked? Complete the following two steps: first register the java file to amanifest. in the xml file, there is no java file inherited from the activity class, And the onCreate method is rewritten. In this method, we can call the setContentView (xxxx) method, set the page layout associated with the java file. For those who are familiar with VS, this is really too much imitation. To put it bluntly, this is the naked MVC, just to clarify the code structure. After a long time, you will find that the android project structure is much better to manage than the mvc mode written in windows phone. Why? If you want to adapt to the resolution of an unused android phone, you only need to create different dreable folders in the res file. We need to properly organize the text, style, spacing, and color of the entire APP. We only need to define it in the corresponding. xml file under the values folder to achieve the maximum degree of code reuse. Let's compare the sdks for windows phone and android. To be honest, in my opinion, the sdks provided by google are much better than those provided by Microsoft, the four main components in android, the local database, http/https, xml/json, and other apps require common APIs, which are very easy to use. However, in windows phone, an api that may be downloaded by a background thread may be confusing for a long time. At the same time, the sdk may change in every version, and the problem is that there is no problem in the past, now problems may occur.

After turning to android, I began to learn about the elicpse environment and began to find that the environment is powerful. Besides android development, elicpse is also commonly used for java Server development. Speaking of this, I would like to thank a colleague for his group. Under his group, I learned about some server technologies.

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