Netease games summer 2015 intern interview experience-game R & D Engineer, Netease games 2015

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Netease games summer 2015 intern interview experience-game R & D Engineer, Netease games 2015

First, I 'd like to introduce Netease Games first, and reference others' remarks.

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Netease game interview preparation

If you have thought about game development in college, you will certainly be familiar with NetEase games. Netease has developed a fantastic westward journey, a great client game like ghost girl ghost, unfortunately, web games and mobile games still have no achievements. NetEase games have the following features:

  • The working environment is very good, or in extreme terms, it may beThe best working environment for all Chinese companiesFor more information, see which Internet companies in China are doing well in this issue? First answer
  • The salary is very high. The actual amount of intern's salary is generally from other Internet companies.About two to three timesYou can calculate by yourself. The salary level of recent graduates may also be the highest in the IT industry in China (at least k per year, more than K, and more than K ), of course, you have no choice but to use Alibaba Cloud.
  • BasicallyOnly C9 students are recruited to add beiyou, South China and huakeMaster degree or aboveIf you are a student from another school orC9 undergraduates have no good experienceIn this case, you will be taken away from your resume screening by HR.
  • The training system is very well-developed. After all, it was a training mechanism built by Yunfeng. If you are an intern, you will team up with other interns (including planning, development, and art) to create a MiniGame. Then, after the two-month internship period ends, you will group a ppt presentation, then, the score is usually flushed out of 50% of the people, leaving the remaining 50%. Not like other companies, interns and versions are mixed. This mechanism is quite interesting, but it is hard to judge whether it is good or bad.
  • Less overtime
  • Interns do not need to rent a house. NetEase provides single dormitories and restaurants, that isAccommodation is basically free of money.But you have to go to the restaurant...

The following describes the admission ratio of each school:

Ah... I have said a lot of features of Netease games. It seems that they are all boasting about Netease games. Let's say that NetEase games are not very good.

  • Mobile games include client gamesCut down the project or redo the furnaceThe phenomenon is quite frequent. If mobile games are used, eight or nine projects are cut down in ten projects? I feel that the interviewer is under great pressure on the project during the interview. I have always said that the competition for mobile games is fierce, but I feel that NetEase gamesInternal CompetitionMore intense, most of the reason for being hacked is not the market performance, but the evaluation and judgment of the Department boss.
  • Netease games are still conservative. Basically, Netease has missed the huge market of browser games, And now it basically misses mobile games. However, Netease is a good school and is very suitable for fresh graduates.

For more ideas, refer to zhihu's question: Why did you leave Netease? I will not list them one by one.

------------------------------------------------- Split line. below is my interview experience ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Netease games-game R & D engineers push one side (phone interview)

I asked a lot about it because I made a Cocos2d-x.

1. Ask the resume project and project Algorithm Implementation

2. Time Complexity of sort () in C ++

3. How to expand space by vector in STL (underlying implementation of STL)

A: When push_back is called, every time the push_back operation is performed, it is equivalent to re-allocating the size of the underlying array implementation. This implementation reflects that the vector implementation is an element every time push_back is called, you need to re-allocate the storage of a large element, then copy the original element to the new storage, then copy the elements of push_back, and finally analyze the original vector.

4. Hot update

5. cocos Memory Management

6. Implementation principle of virtual functions

7. Game screen adaptation

8. # differences between import and # include

9. Why do games generally use png without jpg?

10. c/c ++ Memory Allocation Method

11. definition and use of deep copy

12. OpenGL combined with Cocos rendering process

13. How do you deal with the problem of switching from 3G network disconnection to 4G network disconnection or Wi-Fi disconnection during online game development?

14. How to Reduce the game Package Size

15. extern c: extern "C" is mainly used to call other C language codes correctly. After extern "C" is added, it indicates that the code of the compiler is compiled in C language instead of C ++.

16. I ++ and ++ I efficiency issues

Answer: ++ I returns an object reference;

After the interview, I immediately asked hr. hr said that I had passed the interview and I was not relaxed at all. I had to prepare for the interview.

Then prepare two faces for four consecutive days.


The main interview of the refire business department is a technical house, but it is cute.

About the game engine:

1. cocos Memory Management Mechanism

2. cocos touch response Principle

3. cocos Memory Optimization

4. modal dialog window (I don't know what it is =)

5. How to handle and detect memory leaks in cocos

6. Let's talk about the specific optimization details you have made in so many projects.

About C ++:

1. c ++ overload, overwrite, and hidden definitions and differences

2. Implementation of c ++ Polymorphism

3. Differences between static global variables and common global variables

4. How to Use

5. Some common xcode tools

6. Differences between c ++ memory allocation methods and different methods

7. Implementation principle of polymorphism (all questions are broken)

8. I also asked a lot .. Forget it. Remember to add it.

About algorithms:

What's amazing is that I didn't ask about algorithms.

Netease boss (final)

It's probably about chatting, but all the problems are related to technology ~~

I talked to me about my project, my internship experience, and my current knowledge of the game industry.

There is also my understanding of Netease's games (10 years of dream, no need to explain)

Finally, I also told you: I think you are very good. No matter what the final result is, I hope you will continue on the road to the game ~

Thank you very much for this lovely boss ~~~~

Finally, I got an internship in game R & D ~ I just want to say one thing, Tiandao reward Qin, I am only a waste of 985 of undergraduates, not the C9 university graduate student doctoral students required by Netease official website, for this interview has prepared a lot, I have always dreamed of entering Netease games, so I decided to abandon the goose factory for the moment and interview Netease games. I hope everyone can cheer up ~!!

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