New energy Vehicles Current, Hanteng X7 Why choose the traditional SUV market?

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In the current domestic car market, the new energy car brand has risen, the old car brand cross-border phenomenon is gradually staged. In this new energy vehicle as the direction of the trend, environmental protection, science and technology, cool and other characteristics of the industrial development of the vane, the public opinion of the phenomenon of the response, but also naturally become a new phenomenon of this trend.

However, in this chorus of noisy industry process, domestic brand-new-sharp car brands Hanteng not follow the momentum of new energy vehicles, but aimed at the home user market launched its first SUV model of the Han Teng X7. Judging from the current market situation, this kind of action is the auto-maker's spontaneous choice, its starting point is inevitable, but its maverick market choice direction is still surprising unceasingly.

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So, what was the initial reason Hanteng chose the traditional SUV? The following points of view may be more likely to try to explain why.

1, New Energy auto industry: looks very good!?

After Tesla led the new energy vehicle, electric vehicles represented by the Department of Energy vehicles gradually swept the world. However, according to the relevant public opinion survey, although the new energy vehicles with environmental protection, fashion and other avantgarde ideas, but the overall market acceptance has yet to be improved. Especially in the car brands such as Tesla after a number of security incidents, a large number of consumers still choose to wait and see attitude. From this point of view, the new energy vehicle as a new era of the invention of products, its true popularity and market acceptance has yet to be popularized.

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On the other hand, the inability of new energy vehicles to solve the range of mileage, still determines the majority of miles have a clear demand for customers, a short period of time will not consider new energy vehicle models.

In terms of technology or ride demand and experience, the current new energy vehicles in the overall quality has yet to rise to a new height, which is the current new energy vehicles facing the inevitable problem. In the case of this problem can not be solved, the new energy vehicles to show the beautiful scenery, usually can only give people a huge imagination space. In this case, Hanteng X7 did not venture into the new energy vehicles, naturally, it is understandable.

2, Experience first: traditional SUV more comfortable

The current market of new energy vehicles, most brands in order to cost and market competition needs, in the design, range and other aspects of the new can be divided according to the gap between different grades. While this is a must for manufacturers, it is undoubtedly a deliberate act of fragmented experience for consumers.

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The consequences of this result is serious, such as some new energy vehicles in order to divide the different price levels, deliberately a number of low-end vehicles divided into different grades of configuration, this deliberately for the price ladder to set up the experience of the grade, its eventual consequences will undoubtedly be due to poor user experience and damage to the car brand.

The principle of product development centered on experiential is the contrast of this idea. Hanteng and other SUV manufacturers to face this choice of action, is the main comfort, so, Hanteng X7 has enough space, making it no matter whether the driving fun or ride experience has become more experience.

Compared to some new energy electric vehicles, in order to introduce some low-end version (such as the Beggar version), and deliberately will some low-end version of the product in the configuration, design pull down to the infinite degree of practice, is a self-broken arm practice.

3. Market and Logic choice: traditional SUV is the best direction

Limited by current battery information technology, new energy vehicles can not achieve long-distance mileage, which determines the need to travel home users in the car, its primary abandonment of the object is electric vehicles. For this kind of home users, the traditional SUV model is undoubtedly the best choice.

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First, the traditional SUV in the mileage can realize the long-distance travel needs of home users.

Secondly, the comfort of the traditional SUV is also one of the key factors.

Third, the price, the traditional SUV price is already very cost-effective, so the choice of SUV will not give the majority of home users to create an additional burden, such as the current X7 selling price of only 79,800 yuan to 148,800 yuan, which for most ordinary families is no longer a burden.

In general, the advantages of the traditional SUV's triumph over new energy vehicles are in many ways, with the exception of the areas mentioned above, with the absolute advantage of more segments. However, for the current automotive industry, new energy vehicles and traditional SUVs have a certain advantage, but how to choose, it is also expected to be the starting point for the needs of consumers.

New energy Vehicles Current, Hanteng X7 Why choose the traditional SUV market?

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