"Night Owl" health care principles

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As nightlife becomes more and more common, this increases the number of people working at night. This "Black and White" work and rest system will lead to the disorder of the secretion of adrenal gland sebum hormones and damage your health. To this end, experts remind "night owls" who often stay up late and work overtime, work night shifts, or enjoy nightlife to adjust their diet, psychology, exercise, and other aspects to facilitate health care.

Health Advice to be kept in mind by "night owl"

1. Increasing nutrition is the key

The night shift should ensure that there is enough heat to consume, so you can have some snacks during the night shift. It is essential for night shift to eat more nutritious food, such as milk, eggs, lean meat, soy products, etc. Eat light, delicious, soft meals, supplement foods containing vitamin A, such as animal liver, egg yolk, fish, etc.; eat more fruit or fresh juice. Under the guidance of a doctor, it is also good to take a proper amount of multivitamin supplements.

2. Supplementing sleep is the key

Sleep is a major problem that troubles night shift. Night shift workers have to go to work at night and go to bed during the day, but daytime sleep is often affected by sunlight, noise, and other factors, which make the daily physical and mental losses of night shift workers uncompensated, this results in increased fatigue and even decreased appetite, anxiety, and irritability. Therefore, you should take a rest after staying up late. Even if you are energetic, you should also take a sleep in time and take a nap after lunch to restore your physical strength and boost your spirits.

3. Do not neglect psychological barriers

The reversal of work schedules not only brings a series of physiological problems to the night shift, but also highlights their psychological problems, such as sleeping disorders and depression.

Many night shift families often fail to take good care of their families because of their shift schedules. They are unable to take full responsibility for their husbands, wives, children, and parents; with the decrease in their participation in social activities, problems such as social information isolation, less communication with family members and friends, and insufficient psychological release will arise. Therefore, we should try our best to eliminate the psychological burden and avoid excessive worries and fear during night shifts. We should face the reality, establish confidence, and maintain a pleasant mood and high mood, which will help eliminate stress.

4. Exercise is essential

select specific projects based on your age and interests for physical exercise. When staying up late, if you feel unhealthy or sleepy, do not force yourself to rest. You 'd better take a rest in time. If you cannot rest because of work needs, do not stay awake with the stimulation of coffee, tea, and cigarettes, because caffeine can stimulate the brain to produce excited substances, which may easily lead to insomnia and increase blood lipid levels, which may damage the cardiovascular health. Cigarettes are a risk factor for hypertension, diabetes, and cerebrovascular diseases. It is best to do some simple activities in place, such as walking slowly in the place, playing Taijiquan, kneading the temple, or doing some bending, kicking, turning the neck and other activities of the limbs and neck gymnastics.

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