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Today, I found a strange thing: I installed the MAMP environment on the mac. phpMyAdmin didn't have the option to create a database. This is a local installation, not a space. How can I not have the permission to create a database, let's take a look at the problem.

On Windows, there are many one-click installation packages for PHP environments, and only two installation packages are found in OS X. One XAMPP and one MAMP. The former finds that Zend is not supported, and I guess it will lead to incompatibility of some programs, while the latter does not. Of course, OS x also has its own environment, but MySQL and phpMyAdmin need to be installed, so I plan to use a one-click installation package.

Download the free version of MAMP from the official website and enter phpMyAdmin after installation. No database creation option is available. I searched many tutorials in China, but they are different from me. Google's search for phpmyadmin create database articles abroad is equally fruitless. Uninstalling the paid version of mamp pro does not create any databases.

Then I accidentally found a video in which a foreigner installed the MAMP in the demo mac. A few minutes later, I found that phpMyAdmin also created a database, which is strange. After careful reading, he used MAMP 1.9.2, And I downloaded the latest version of MAMP 2.2 on the official website. The official website only provides this version and MAMP, so he continued to search for the MAMP 1.9.2 installation package. I finally found that a website has all versions of the installation package. Find 1.9.2 to download and install the package, which is exactly the same as in the video tutorial. Click phpMyAdmin and finally create a database.

I'm not sure whether MAMP provided on the official website can be used. You can try it and give me feedback. I have read the basic configuration of MAMP 1.9.2, and the version should be enough for me to use. Therefore, you do not need to upgrade to a very high version. Installed the latest version of WordPress, which supports pseudo-static, cool!

After half an afternoon and half a night, I finally solved the problem and hoped it would be useful to everyone. But I don't know if it is the reason for running the PHP environment. My Air power loss is much faster than before.

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