No sound problems after the computer is connected to the HDMI monitor

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1, the reason that the use of HDMI interface connected to the monitor does not sound, the reason is that the HDMI interface is included audio + video signal interface. When the computer's HDMI interface is used, the system will default from the HDMI device output sound signal, and at this point if the HDMI device does not have sound playback function (such as the author of this type of HDMI LCD without speakers), the computer has no sound!
2, the solution is actually very simple, there is no network of some of the complexity of the need for external conversion lines. Because this is the category of software problems, to solve the computer failure is the spirit of the first soft after the principle of hard.
3, later found in the Device Manager "voice, video and game controllers" column has two devices, respectively, "AMD High Definition Audio" (more with the use of graphics cards and processors, the previous AMD may be Intel or NVIDIA, etc.) and "high Definition Audio
4, as long as we will have the AMD High Definition Audio (your computer may not be on the front of AMD words, this will be more for your computer to provide a display chip different and different) will be disabled after the computer to connect the HDMI monitor does not sound after the problem.
5, if you are not sure which one or the author described the discrepancy, you can disable the test, use the elimination method to solve the problem.
6, disable the method: The device on the right button, and then select "Disable" can be, the operation shown in the following figure. Now the author's bass gun speakers will not be wasted in vain.
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