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Just transferred from the JB platform to eclipse, find everything to configure themselves, annoying! JB is like a nanny, preparing everything for himself, and now I'm the nanny of Eclipse ...

That said, but the company's rules use it, and personally feel it is a future trend, Borland not say that JB will be in Eclipse's plug-in form? Or use it, just want to learn hibernate, then two come together.

Just started to use eclipse3.0.2+hibernate3.0.5, online search a plugin called hibernate synchronizer, all down, new project in Eclipse, add a series of packages (if it is JB, Many are automatically added AH: () After, according to the use of the Internet, all the way down, generated hibernate config file, mapping file, and a lot of wrong pojo, DAO file I was silly eyes! Then go to the Internet to find information, found hibernate Synchronizer version only support to hibernate2.x version, if the normal use of more than 3.0, but also to play a snippets bag, and then to SourceForge to find it, add into eclipse, this time to normal import Hibernate3.0.5 class, but the generated DAO still has a problem ..... Oh, it's so frustrating! Finally be forced to its website, translation, the plugin author said his wife is pregnant .... No longer look down, and then ran to the do a better forum), the top bosses said the Hibernate official website tools more suitable, I was like the pedestrians in the dark to see the sun as excited, hurriedly to download the latest version, and then hit Eclipse, why, how can not run it? Look at it in the note, pour! Use Eclipse3.1 to be normal!

Walked so many detours, summed up a not too blind, at this time, calm down, download Eclipse3.1,EMF2.1.0,hibernate3.0.5,hibernate Tools 3.0 Alpha,myeclipse4.0m2,xmlbuddy_2.0.62. Join Eclipse in link mode , OK.

How do I configure it? First configure the JRE and set the JRE to your JDK directory in window-〉preferences:

To set the server for MyEclipse:

In application servers I use Resin3.0.9, the path is the value of my computer. In this way, the environment is OK.

Now learn how to draw, the next time on the map add a note, record how you write the first Hibernate program, rookie finally get started.

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