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13 practical health care tips for busy office workers

1. Cover your ears with both hands, and shake your head with your fingers ~ 20 times can promote blood circulation of the brain.

2. Pull your ears, move your right hand to the back of your head, and pull down your left ear. Then, move your left hand to the back of your head and pull down your right ear ~ 20 times.

3. Eye refining, eyes overlooking the landscape outside the window, the eyes blinks downward, can relieve eye lens fatigue.

4. "Turn the neck", turn clockwise around the left, right, front, back, and back of the neck, and turn clockwise again to relax the nervous nerves in the neck.

5. The biggest pain point on the shoulder and shoulder can be squashed to relieve the pain.

6. "rubbing your face". After rubbing your hands on each other, you can rub your face to make your face hot and promote blood circulation.

7. "stretch", repeated several times.

8. Overhead your arms, hold down the wall, and stretch and draw tired muscles.

9. "Rub belly", rub the palm of your belly clockwise rotation, and then roll it clockwise to help digestion.

10. Abdominal breathing. We usually use chest breathing and abdominal breathing.

11. "anus lifting", anal contraction, relaxation, can prevent hemorrhoids and other diseases.

12. Take a walk.

13. Do not take the elevator, climb the stairs, the Office is simple and practical.

I wish you good health!

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