on how to use the computer to open hand travel assistance, the realization of QQ speed auto Run map _ Hand Travel Assistance

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Recently received by the players of the car racing game on the number of QQ speed, TC (Totalcontrol) provided by the script-assisted function, can help QQ speed players to achieve automatic brush gold, automatic run map, automatic brush pole, automatic hanging machine and other operations. Players can take advantage of the scripting aids provided by Totalcontrol, allowing the system to mimic the actions of the keyboard/mouse, automatically repeat uninterrupted command, very stable, completely free, permanently available. TC Game Auxiliary is definitely a player to practice the level of the necessary artifacts. The TC Automation script helps the player to be free from the long operation of the game, can effectively solve the problem that the game indulges, and can protect the net to play the family health, and enhance the game operation efficiency.

Select TC as assistant reason for hand travel

1, free, simple, green, secure script development tools

TC is a free green software, the computer end through the mouse and keyboard operation Android phone, because each cell phone has a different IP and ID, in the use of TC hand Tour assistant, not easy to cause the game account number. At the same time the use of the process without advertising interference, simple operation interface, TC help you easily make game script aid.

2, script recording and editing functions, script White can also play

The TC script provides the recording function, that is, the hand-play family only needs to play once, the script system remembers the operation trajectory, and automatically repeats the memory operation. Even if you do not write script code white, you can easily play the script-assisted.

3, a rich script API interface to meet your various needs

TC provides a rich API interface, players can use API interface to achieve a variety of needs, not only QQ speed games, all other mobile games can be used TC hand script assistance to play.

4, mobile Phone group control system, hand Tour script-assisted, hundreds of mobile phones together automatic training class

TC provides script automation synchronous operation of hundreds of mobile phone functions, hundreds of mobile phones at the same time the simultaneous implementation of automatic training, gold coins and other tasks, freeing hands, improve efficiency.

5, professional Scripting Consulting services, Rich script tutorials free of charge

TC through the official website, the QQ discussion group provides the script free consultation and the tutorial, helps everybody to use the TC script function better.

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