Openfire + spark + smack Instant Messaging (1) --- Openfire installation and configuration, openfiresmack

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Openfire + spark + smack Instant Messaging (1) --- Openfire installation and configuration, openfiresmack
Openfire is an instant messaging server, also known as the instant messaging platform. It is based on the XMPP protocol and is familiar with communication software QQ, MSN and Gtalk. Gtalk is based on the implementation of XMPP protocol.
In instant messaging, you often do not need to use point-to-point communication because you need to save some status or data. Instead, you need to build a server for forwarding.
: Http://

After the download is complete, install and configure as prompted, and then access port 9090 on the configured server address to access the openfire background management system officially implemented for us.

After the download is complete, if you download the exe file, execute your installation file and install it. Here I am a zip file. After decompression, copy the openfire directory to the C: \ Program Files \ directory, which must be in the C: \ Program Files \ directory. Then the openfire installation is complete.


3. Start the openfire server and configure it. Open the openfire.exe file in the C: \ Program Files \ openfire \ bindirectory. Double-click the file and run it.

4. Click the Launch Admin button to go To the http: // 9090/setup/index. jsp page and configure the openfire server.


5. Select the Simplified Chinese Language

Click continue to enter


6. Configure the server Domain Name

For local access, you do not need to modify or use localhost or

If you use it for Internet or LAN access, configure your address as an Internet or LAN address.

I set it to LAN IP address


7. Select a database

Choose the built-in openfire. Of course, you can also choose your database type. Such as Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL. If openfire does not have a jdbc connection driver, you need to add a jdbc driver to connect to the database. The driver is stored in the C: \ Program Files \ openfire \ lib directory.


8. Select the feature configuration. The default value is enough.


9. Administrator email. skip this step.


10. Installation Complete

Go to the Administrator console page


11. Go to the http: // 9090/login. jsp page and enter the admin and password to log in.


12. You can see

The server name is the connection address of WeChat chat. You can use the Spark or WeChat Chat link for IM communication and chat ......

So far, openfire installation and configuration have been completed.

Spark, one openfire instructor, is really a mentor

Can you solve the problem? For example, what troubles have you encountered when setting up an instant messaging platform ?!
If there is no problem, I suggest you go to the spark official website to read the document, go to the Code, and see the example.
The following can only be used as a reference:
Openfire + spark instant messaging Solution
Openfire + spark + smack can be considered for Java instant messaging solutions. Of course there are other options.

Openfire is an instant messaging server version based on the Jabber protocol (XMPP). We recommend that you use version 3.6.4, which is the latest version and can find the downloaded source code online.

The instant messaging client can use spark2.5.8, which is currently the latest version of release. After testing, it is found that the previous version supports video and msn gateway supports problems, therefore, openfire3.6.4 + spark2.5.8 is the most appropriate choice.

Smack is the real-time communication client programming library. Currently, I have tested that smack APIs are used in jsp to send messages to openfire registered users, and the listener can receive response messages from this user.

Smack can also be used to send messages to msn users and QQ users. There are many examples of sending messages to gtalk users. This is to be studied later. At least currently, you can send messages to spark through a program. Internal LAN applications can solve the problem of system interaction with users, and even implement automatic response robots.

Spark supports chat, voice, video, conference, File Sending and receiving, screenshots, and msn connections.

For detailed installation instructions, see the attachment: original link:

Smack/openfire/spark for obtaining personal information

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