OpenSUSE 12.1 hard disk installation

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Brief description of the hard disk installation process in openSUSE 12.1.

1. grub support is required first, so if Windows systems require wingrub download and installation, see

2. Download OpenSUSE installation package on SUSE Official Website

3. after the download is successful, copy the linux and initrd files in the \ boot \ i386 \ loader folder in iso (the directory layers may change due to different versions) and put them in the same folder as the iso files.

4. Compile the menulist file and add

Title OpenSUSE SetUp
Root (hd, 0, 5)
Kernel (hd0, 5)/linux
Initrd (hd0, 5)/initrd

Among them, (hd0, 5) is the directory where the iso file and linux and initrd files are stored. I directly put them on the E disk and use wingrub to detect that the E disk is (hd0, 5)

5. Restart your computer and select OpenSUSE SetUp

6. A prompt may appear in the cd1 window. Select back and then select language and keyboard type options. After these settings are selected, select install from HardDisk and select the directory where the iso file is located, in this case, a window appears asking you to enter the iso path in this directory. Since I directly put it on the E disk, enter/OpenSUSE. iso, if it is placed in a folder, enter the format:/folder name/iso file name, and then press enter to display the graphical interface installation.

7. during installation, you must note that because we place the iso file under the drive letter of windows, you cannot mount the partition of iso during installation. If mounting is selected, an error will occur during installation.

More detailed openSUSE 12.1 hard disk installation graphic tutorial

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