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Returns the decimal number corresponding to the specified character;

Sql> Select ASCII (a) a,ascii (a) a,ascii (0) Zero,ascii () space from dual;

A A ZERO space

--------- --------- --------- ---------

65 97 48 32

2. CHR gives the integer, returns the corresponding character;

Sql> Select Chr (54740) ZHAO,CHR () chr65 from dual;

En C

-- -

Zhao A


Connect two strings;

Sql> Select Concat (010-,88888888) | | Turn 23 high-dry telephone from dual;

Gao Hu Phone


010-88888888 ext. 23

4. Initcap

Returns a string and turns the first letter of the string into uppercase;

Sql> Select Initcap (Smith) Upp from dual;




5.INSTR (c1,c2,i,j) searches a string for the specified character, returning the location of the specified character;

C1 the string being searched

C2 the string you want to search for

The starting position of the I search, which defaults to the location of 1 J, defaults to 1 sql> Select InStr (Oracle traning,ra,1,2) instring from dual;





Returns the length of the string;

Sql> Select Name,length (name), Addr,length (addr), Sal,length (To_char (SAL)) from GAO.NCHAR_TST;

Name Length (name) ADDR Length (ADDR) SAL Length (To_char (SAL))

------ ------------ ---------------- ------------ --------- --------------------

Gao Hu 3 Beijing Sea ingot Area 6 9999.99 7

7.LOWER returns a string and converts all characters to lowercase

Sql> Select Lower (AABBCCDD) AABBCCDD from dual;




8.UPPER returns the string and capitalizes all the characters

Sql> Select UPPER (AABBCCDD) upper from dual;




9.RPAD and Lpad (paste characters)

Rpad paste characters to the right of the column

Lpad paste characters to the left of the column

Sql> Select Lpad (Rpad (gao,10,*), 17,*) from dual;

Lpad (Rpad (gao,1



Not enough characters to fill with *

10.LTRIM and RTrim

LTrim deletes the string appearing on the left

RTrim Delete the string that appears on the right

Sql> Select LTrim (RTrim (Gao Qian Jing,) from dual;



Gao Qian Jing
11.SUBSTR (String,start,count) takes a substring, starting with start, Count sql> select SUBSTR (13088888888,3,8) from dual;





String the character or variable you want to be replaced

S1 the replaced string

S2 the string to replace

Sql> Select replace (he love You,he,i) from dual;



I love You


Returns a string with the same pronunciation as the given string

Sql> CREATE TABLE table1 (XM varchar (8));

sql> INSERT INTO table1 values (weather);

sql> INSERT INTO table1 values (wether);

sql> INSERT INTO table1 values (GAO);

Sql> Select XM from table1 where Soundex (XM) =soundex (weather);





14.TRIM (s from string)

Leading cut off the front characters

Trailing cut off the back characters

If not specified, default is spaces


Returns the absolute values of a specified value

Sql> Select ABS (M), ABS ( -100) from dual;

ABS (-100)

--------- ---------

100 100


Give the value of the inverse cosine

Sql> Select ACOs ( -1) from dual;

ACOS (-1)




Give the value of the string anyway

Sql> Select ASIN (0.5) from dual;

ASIN (0.5)




Returns the tangent value of a number

Sql> Select Atan (1) from dual;

Atan (1)




Returns the smallest integer greater than or equal to the given number

Sql> Select Ceil (3.1415927) from dual;

Ceil (3.1415927)




Returns the cosine of a given number

sql> Select cos ( -3.1415927) from dual;

COS (-3.1415927)



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