Oracle Database machine Exadata will be a powerful tool against IBM

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BKJIA exclusive Article] Oracle's revenue in the third quarter has increased slightly, and the integration of Sun is progressing smoothly. Exadata database machines are in progress, and SAP has divested poor product lines. All bottom and top lines exceed Wall Street's expectations, all of which show that Oracle runs well. With such a good momentum, we have been talking about how Oracle 11g and DB2 9.7 live together? The suspicion of IBM smile becomes a reality. BKJIA database channel believes that Oracle has completed its acquisition of Sun, especially after Russia's conditional acquisition of Sun through Oracle, it must begin to deal with IBM.


The big bear hug between Oracle and IBM is only a game between giants?

Oracle reported revenue of $1.2 billion in the third quarter, or a 23-cent earnings per share, up 17% year-on-year from last year. Non-GAAP revenues are $1.9 billion, or 38 cents per share. Wall Street expects Oracle to report $635,000 at, equivalent to 37 cents per share. Excluding Sun, Oracle's revenue increased by 7 percentage points.

Meanwhile, revenue from new software licenses increased by 13% to $1.7 billion. Software License updates and product support revenue increased by 13% to $3.3 billion.

Database machine Exadata is a good news

Exadata databases received orders of $0.4 billion in the fourth quarter, achieving $0.1 billion. Oracle's goal is to use Exadata to attack IBM's high-end system market. BKJIA database channel used to reveal the secrets behind Oracle Database Exadata.

Revenue from Oracle databases and middleware increased by 11%, and revenue from the third quarter was $1.24 billion. Application Software revenues increased by 21%, with revenues of $0.477 billion.

Sun's outlook is still unknown

Unfortunately, the Sun acquisition transaction cannot be completed completely this quarter. By the end of the quarter, we were not given a complete company's hardware sales performance. Oracle generates a hardware system that generates revenue of $0.458 billion, accounting for 7% of total revenue. It cannot be compared with the same period last year. Revenue from hardware system products and technical support increased to $0.322 billion in the fourth quarter. Catz said Sun would not hold down the rate of return. In a good direction, Oracle will not sell loss-making departments like Sun.


Oracle financial details

Extended reading of Oracle Database machine Exadata

At the 2009 Oracle Global Conference OpenWorld, OOW), it was nothing new to challenge IBM's database machine pureScale with the new Oracle Database machine Exadata V2. However, the current understanding of the Exadata V2 database machine in the industry remains in many concepts. For enterprise users, it is very practical to know the quotation of the new Oracle Database machine Exadata V2.

Maybe Oracle didn't want to show the price of Exadata V2, but the reporter in front of BKJIA found a full range of quotation for Exadata for the new Oracle database in a slide "casual display" in Oracle, it seems that Oracle is anxious to compete with IBM.

The slide shows that the Basic System of Exadata V2 is quoted as $0.11 million, $1/4 for the 0.35 million Rack System Quartar Rack, $0.65 million for the Half-Rack System Half Rack, and $ for the Half-Rack System, the Full Rack (Full Rack) price is as high as $1.15 million.

Oracle new database machine Exadata V2 System Configuration

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