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Oracle Database machine Exadata will be a powerful tool against IBM

BKJIA exclusive Article] Oracle's revenue in the third quarter has increased slightly, and the integration of Sun is progressing smoothly. Exadata database machines are in progress, and SAP has divested poor product lines. All bottom and top lines exceed Wall Street's expectations, all of which show that Oracle runs well. With such a good momentum, we have been t

Oracle new database machine Exadata V2 quotation leakage sword pick IBM

BKJIA San Francisco site report] at the 2009 Oracle Global Conference OpenWorld, OOW, everyone is not new to Oracle new database machine Exadata V2 challenge IBM database machine pureScale. However, the current understanding of the Exada

Oracle Exadata Integration and cloud computing applications (i)

performance and availability. With Sun's industry-standard hardware and Oracle's intelligent database and storage software, the Exadata appliance delivers superior performance for all database load types, including online transaction processing (OLTP), Data warehousing (DW), and hybrid load consolidation. The

In-depth understanding of Oracle exadata

In-depth understanding of Oracle exadata Basic Information Original Title: Expert Oracle exadata Author: (US) ossborne (K.) [Translator's introduction] Translator: Huang kaiyao Zhang leyi Zhang Rui Press: Electronic Industry Press ISBN: 9787121174896 Mounting time: Published on: February 1, July 2012 Start: 16 Page num

Oracle exadata Introduction

With the development of enterprise business, there are more and more large data warehouses, and their scale is also expanding rapidly, increasing by three times every two years on average. Large Data Warehouses require scanning dozens, hundreds, or thousands of disks at the highest disk read speed, this requirement can be met only when the pipeline bandwidth between the disk and the server is increased by 10 times or more. Therefore, enterprises often find that the larger the data warehouse, the

The use of "Oracle" exadata daily patrol tool Exachk ____oracle

In Exadata, it is best to run Exachk for health checks when there are any database-independent issues. Exachk collection of information is very complete, eliminating the tedious steps of manual collection. And after the collection is completed, you can make an assessment of the system's health status as a whole, including software, hardware, firmware version, configuration and other aspects of information,

Oracle Exadata All-in-one and cloud computing Applications (iii)

customers with a broad range of application services and platform services. Customers can also choose to run Oracle products in third-party public clouds. Many third-party SaaS ISVs and other public clouds are powered by Oracle technology. Finally, Oracle provides software that integrates across public and private clouds. For a private platform-as-a-service (P

Exadata V2, Oracle's first hardware supply board, IBM

said in the interview that the Exadata V2 database machine, the first hardware product jointly launched by Oracle and Sun, is now available to partners. In the previous advertisement, Oracle offered a reward to allow IBM to "Release the horse", and IBM chose to release its databas

Exadata backup and recovery in oracle

Exadata backup recovery is the same as that of a single machine or RAC database, but there are some optimization best practices for multiple nodes. Today, we will briefly talk about the backup and recovery of Exadata.To fully utilize the I/O capability and multi-node advantages of Exadata, we recommend that you allocate two channels on each DB node for testing. I

Oracle Exadata and Exalogic pros and cons analysis

?? The benefits of Oracle's elastic Cloud and data warehousing are obvious, starting with the single vendor offering all the underlying components: Oracle's one-stop-all approach helps streamline licensing, support, upgrades, and consolidation, all handled by a single vendor. This may help prevent frequent vendors from blaming each other for technical problems. It is easier to configure, upgrade, and consolidate a single vendor approach, simplifying the contact and validation paths of these issu

Advantages and disadvantages of Oracle Exadata and Exalogic ____oracle

other hardware at any time, which eases the problem of single vendor lock-in if needed. With the release of Exalogic, the single vendor model tends to be more serious simply because Oracle Exalogic locks out various Oracle technologies, from Funsion middleware to JRockit, HotSpot. In this case there is no direct competitor. Other drawbacks include price (hardware and software licensing), high cost of sup

Oracle Database 12c six years of development

and integrated with the best products in various product lines, such as databases, middleware, integrated applications, and server storage, including Oracle Exadata database cloud server, Oracle Exalogic middleware cloud server, Oracle Exalytics Business Intelligence cloud

In the era of cloud technology, what happened to Oracle, the database overlord?

will see another SaaS-friendly rise, but it will take time, because this is the management philosophy, not the technical concept. So my expectation for the Chinese market is that since Oracle has such a good PAAs and SaaS, if we work with our partners to build an ecosystem, it will be a win for all. ”Of course, for the Oracle company, in the era of cloud technology also has "unchanged" insistence. Jianfei,

Oracle Database technology exchange and knowledge transfer

, including automatic SQL Performance Optimization Technology, SQL plan, Database Replay, SPA, new Partitioning technology, SecureFiles, SQL Result Cache, new RMAN features, and new security technologies, and 11G implementation cases 18 New 12c features 2 Database design, developers, and DBAs Several new features of 12c are introduced: Concepts and architecture of CDB and PDB, routine m

Oracle Recommended Patches--"Oracle JAVAVM Component Database PSU" (OJVM PSU) patches (document ID 1929745.1)

patching approach for each system Oracle has also released "Combo" patches this bundle the OJVM PSU in the same ZIP file as DB PSU and/or GI PSU for EAS E of Download. The OJVM component in these "Combo" patches are in a separate subdirectory with its own install steps still required. October "Combo" patches do not include the JDBC Patch. was applicable to all database installations reg

Oracle says its latest memory database is 100 times faster than its hands.

replace them with indexes sorted by memory columns ." Not over yet, Ellison next introduced Oracle's latest M6-32 "Large Memory Machine", and said it is the world's fastest memory device. The number of M6 cores to be listed is twice that of M5, with 32 tb dram Memory configured. "It can quickly move data and process data in memory ." Ellison said the M6 system bandwidth is twice higher than the maximum P795 of IBM. Ellison added that the cost of M6 is less than 1/3 of that of IBM systems. "I sa

Oracle will push the first Sun database computer

Sina technology news Beijing Time on the evening of September 14 News, according to foreign media reports, Oracle has been jointly developed with Sun a computer, and plans to be launched with the Exadata brand. Oracle CEO Larry? LarryEllison will release the database computer on Tuesday. This is since

Oracle Database In-Memory assists "real-time" Enterprises

after the Oracle Database is certified. Integrated Software and Hardware Design for real-time Enterprises Oracle Database In-Memory is based on Oracle's innovative and mature technologies over the years and inherits all the advantages of Oracle databases., Including: · The

How to delete duplicate data in an Oracle database

Integrator Enterprise Edition is an important part of Oracle Data integration solutions. It provides the same kind of best batch Data mobile and conversion technology with a performance of 10 times higher than traditional ETL, it can efficiently move data between source and target across heterogeneous systems, improving performance while reducing the cost of data integration. And the fastest conversion speed in the industry is created on the

How to downgrade an Oracle database from 11.2 to a previous version

the minimum 10.1.0 during the upgrade process. This prevents degradation. If the original database has been patched, You need to roll back the patch before downgrading. To uninstall and roll back a patch, you can find it in readme of the patch. Uninstalling or rolling back a patch will cause the downgrade process to fail and the data dictionary object to take effect. Example: For Exadata Bundle Patch, th

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